John Legend Shares Heartbreaking Backstory After Revealing They Have a Pet Bird Living In Their House

John Legend has explained the heartbreaking backstory behind their family’s new pet bird, Audrey.

Earlier this week, John Legend’s wife, model Chrissy Teigen, shared that their family had welcomed another family member into their home; a bird named Audrey.

Now, John is sharing how the pet bird came to be. And as he revealed, the backstory is an emotional one to tell.

While talking with TMZ, Legend revealed that the bird belongs to his father-in-law, Chrissy’s dad, Ron. Currently, John and Chrissy are “pet sitting,” he said, adding that it is likely the bird will become a permanent member of the family.

Ron, John Legend told TMZ, is battling serious health issues at the moment and is currently in the hospital. Unfortunately, Legend said while he doesn’t want to “predict” his father-in-law’s passing, Audrey will likely out live Ron.

Our prayers are with Ron Teigen during this difficult time.

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Unfortunately, Chrissy can’t seem to catch a break. While sharing what she made her four children for dinner and showcasing the new pans she designed for her line, Chrissy was subsequently mom shamed.

“POV: each kid wants something different for dinner (and dessert,” Teigen wrote while showing off the new pans. However, a lot of people had some things to say about Teigen making her children happy and “giving in” to their demands.

“My dear, I can be your grandmother and telling you this from the bottom of my heart. Don’t start that with the kids, even though you can, you should discipline them that they should eat what’s on the dinner table, it will teach them manners and to appreciate what they have to eat, as so many others in the world are starving! God bless you all,” one commenter wrote.

“My mother used to say, “I’m not running a ******* restaurant,” another added with the laughing emoji. “In the household I grew up in, the answer to this POV would be nothing close to this video response.”

Teigen didn’t respond to the naysayers and she didn’t have to because the majority of the comments were fans fawning over her beautiful new kitchenware!

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