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Christmas Names That Celebrate the Season & Your Miracle Baby

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and if you’re expecting a baby boy or girl, you just might be feeling extra special this holiday season. Christmas names are just the sweetest way to commemorate the very magical time of year that your baby is born into. Names that have “giving” meanings about the gift of your child’s birth or warm sentiments about this chilly time of year are just so special in this context.

We decided to compile a list of Christmas names that will make you think of the holidays every time you say them. We’ve found the most sensational names for little ones we like to call snow babies. There’s no shortage of options so scroll through for a warm feeling inside. Let’s talk all things Christmas and all things cute babies!

Let’s Get Jolly With These Fabulous Christmas Names!


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Douglas is an old Scottish clan name that means “black water.” We didn’t pick it for its meaning, however, we associate Douglas with the Douglas fir a type of pine tree that many use as a Christmas tree.


christmas names

You’ll encounter the name Eira in both Welsh and Norse traditions. In Welsh, the name relates to “snow.” In Old Norse, Eir is the name of a goddess of mercy. The name is very popular in Sweden and Norway. We don’t hear it often in the United States, but you could change that.


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Paloma is an appellation that’s having a moment in the US and it’s currently a top 1000 name. It has Spanish origin and means “dove.” Doves are associated with peace, purity, and friendship which makes them a favorite inclusion in all manner of Christmas cards, stamps, and decorations.


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This storied French name is traditionally given as a middle name for boys born on or around Christmas. Noel means “Christmas” and has found a home here in the United States as it’s now a top 500 name. It’s one of the Christmas names that we feel works for both boys and girls!


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Neve is an appellation that comes from the Irish name, Niamh. This beautiful name means “snow.” New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern chose the name Neve for her daughter, born while she was in office. We have Neve Campbell to thank for bringing this name to American’s attention.


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Jasper has a perfect, Christmas meaning, “bringer of treasure.” This handsome Persian name is associated with the Three Wise Men. This name has been rocketing up the baby name charts in the United States after being considered a crusty name in England for so long. We also love the nickname Jazz for this one.


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Ivy comes from the name of the ivy plant, which got its name from the Old English word ifig. The ivy plant is beloved because it stays green throughout the winter months. The plant and the name are associated with “faithfulness.” The name has catapulted back into the mainstream thanks to Blue Ivy Carter. It’s one of the most popular appellations that deserves a spot among these Christmas names.


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Cypress isn’t just the name of an evergreen tree that thrives in the winter across North America. It can also work as a fabulous name for your little one. If you’re after an econame or moniker inspired by nature, this would be an excellent pick. Nature Christmas names celebrate the greenery that thrives in the season. We feel it works as a unisex choice.


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We couldn’t bring you the name Ivy without some Holly. Holly is the flower for the month of December and the shrub contains deep green leaves with bright red flowers. For a Christmas baby, you could find no better name. Who else wants to hear “The Holly and the Ivy” now?


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In the Christian tradition, Gabriel is an angel who delivered the news of Jesus’s birth. This handsome Hebrew name means “God is my strength.” It’s one of the best Christmas names for religious parents.


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Robins are such attractive birds that survive the winter by foraging for berries found on various shrubs. These birds are a delight to see in the snow and are often considered a good sign of Spring’s return. You’ll find these birds on many a Christmas card and stamp. Robin has long been a popular unisex name and continues to charm today.


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Nevada is a Spanish name that can be used for both boys and girls. Given the “a” ending, it’s been trending towards girls but we love this one for a boy. Nevada means “covered in snow.” It’s one of the Christmas names that has a subtle touch.


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Nicholas is a Greek name that means “wolf.” Wolves are majestic creatures that can be found hunting in the snow across North America. However, we had Saint Nicholas in mind when we chose this most special of Christmas names.

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Christian is a traditional Greek name, meaning “follower of Christ.” Both Christmas and Christian share the same root in Christ and for a boy or girl born on or around this holiday, it would be a most appropriate choice!


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Jack Frost is a personification of frost, ice, snow, sleet, winter, and freezing cold. He is a variant of Old Man Winter who is responsible for frosty weather. Jack is an English variation of the name John which means “God is gracious.”


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The moniker Natalie was traditionally given to girls born on Christmas day. So if your due date is on or near 25th December, keep the tradition going by naming her Natalie. Natalie has French origins and appropriately means “birthday of the Lord.” It’s one of the best traditional Christmas names that’s been going strong for centuries.


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If Neve is too bland for you, jazz it up with the Spanish name, Nieva. A name bestowed in honor of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de la Nieves, referring to a miracle she performed with unmelted snow in the August heat of Rome. Nieva thus means “snow.”


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Everyone’s Christmas favorite, Kris Kringle is simply another name for Santa Claus and was used in the classic movie, A Miracle on 34th Street. Kris is a diminutive form of Christopher and Christian and therefore means “carrier of Christ.”


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Belonging to the Swedish saint of Christmas, Lucia would make a fitting name for baby girls due in December. Lucia comes from the Latin lux which means “light.” This name has been popular since the Middle Ages and is currently in the top 200 in the US. It’s one of the most popular Christmas names that still feels subtle.


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Christmas Carols are beloved songs that help us spread good cheer. It’s been a popular name for Christmas-time baby girls for some time even though its roots don’t actually relate. Carol is a form of Charles which means “free man.” Tell her it means “Christmas song.”


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One of the Christmas names that does not scream “Christmas,” Turquoise proves a most unusual choice. Turquoise is the birthstone for December which feels so, so right.


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Jonas is a Greek name with roots in Hebrew, Jonah. The name means “dove.” We often associate white doves with winter, purity, and peace. We look for all of those qualities every winter season. It’s one of the best Christmas names for boys on this list.


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One of our favorite unisex Christmas names, Aspen really has it all. Aspen is the name of a trendy resort ski town in Colorado. It gets its name from the Aspen tree. A plant with heart-shaped leaves that bloom in the winter. How special!


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Olwen is a Welsh favorite. Olwen is the name of a legendary princess in what is believed to have been in the earliest Arthurian romance, and in fact, one of the first recorded examples of Welsh prose. Olwen means “white footprint.”

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While Blaze might make you think initially of a warm hearth, the name has another meaning that’s associated with Blizzards. It shares the same French root and also means “snowstorm.” If you’d like a subtle nod to the season and a name with plenty of attitude, you’ve found it in Blaze.

There you go! How cute are these Christmas names for girls and boys? If you’re expecting a holiday baby, you could do no better than one of these names with seasonal meanings and warm vibes. Merry Christmas!

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