The ‘Coastal Cowgirl’ Aesthetic Is a Thing: Discover Baby Names for Girls That Are Part Yacht Rock and Part Bluegrass

If you’re a fan of yachting, bluegrass, country music, and all things nautical, you’re in luck: the “coastal cowgirl” aesthetic is in full swing, and it’s more popular than ever. With its blend of yacht rock and bluegrass styles, the coastal cowgirl look is all about combining the elegance of sea living with the down-home country charm of cowboy life. And what better way to embrace this trend than by choosing a baby name for your little girl that reflects this unique and stylish aesthetic?

In this post, we’ll be exploring the world of coastal cowgirl baby names for girls, showcasing the best names that combine nautical and country influences. Whether you’re a lover of all things sea or simply drawn to the elegant and rustic charm of the coastal cowgirl look, read on to discover the perfect name for your little one.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Jolene seems like the most obvious choice when we’re thinking about names and a coastal cowgirl aesthetic. Of course, we pulled this one right out of Dolly Parton‘s song of the same name. Jolene is the beautiful woman who Dolly’s man is cheating on her with, but she has a very elegant name. Jolene is a modern, American invented name that means “the Lord is God.” The name has been off and on the US top 1000 list since 1928 and after dipping for decades, it started to make a comeback in 2010! Keep up that momentum, new parents!


Coastal Cowgirl names

Decidedly vintage-sounding, Patsy was an extremely popular name until the 1930s. The name is an alternative form of Patricia, so like Trisha, this name means “noble.” The appellation’s most famous namesake is Patsy Cline. The country music legend accomplished in a few years what many artists hope to accomplish in a lifetime. She ushered in the Nashville sound with timeless hits like “Crazy” and “I Fall to Pieces.” Heartache has never sounded so good. A great inspiration and excuse to use the name, Patsy, no doubt!


Coastal Cowgirl names

Equipped with a dynamite voice and jovial personality, the Oklahoma-native is one of the most beloved and acclaimed vocalists in the history of country music. Over her 40-year career, Reba McEntire has racked up over 30 No. 1 hits! Reba has Hebrew origins and means “fourth-born.” Reba was an extremely popular name among new parents until the late 1960s. Bring Reba back as it totally fits with the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Certified gold country music star Braid Paisley has a great Scottish surname. Paisley means “church” or “cemetery,” and we think it works better for baby girls than boys, but prove us wrong! Paisley is a top 100 name in the US today for baby girls after it debuted on it in 2006. We’re into it!


Coastal Cowgirl names

Harper is a wildly popular name for girls today and its breezy sound makes it a perfect fit among coastal cowgirl names. Technically a unisex name, Harper originated as an occupational appellation for a “harp player.”


Coastal Cowgirl names

You can spell Tallulah with or without the “h.” The name is found in both Irish and Choctaw traditions. The name means “leaping water.” Today, the name is mildly popular in England but it has never been a widely given appellation in the US. We think it deserves more love!


Coastal Cowgirl names

Rory is a light, spirited name (perfect for a redhead) with Celtic roots making its sound effortlessly fit the coastal cowgirl vibe. The name Rory is getting more popular overall, but for the past few years has been trending decidedly toward the boys’ side. However, it’s been rising to new heights for girls in recent years. Rory means “red king.”


Coastal Cowgirl names

Sage is a down to earth coastal cowgirl name that belongs to a delicious herb but also an appellation of Latin origin that means “wise.” As with many names on this list, Sage is also a unisex choice making it versatile and adaptable.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Quinn is the Anglicized version of the Irish patronymic surname Ó Cuinn, meaning “descendent of Conn.” Conn has two possible derivations: the Old Irish cond, meaning “intellect,” or cenn, meaning “chief.” Quinn has been a cherished gender-neutral option for a long time and today, it is one of the fastest-growing names in that category.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Annie is a diminutive form of Anne, meaning “grace.” Annie feels lighter and brighter than stoic Anne and the name belongs to sharp shooter Annie Oakley who helps bring the name a coastal cowgirl fee.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Destry is a rare name of French origin that means “war horse.” Notably, the name is used for a character in the Western novel, Destry Rides Again. This stylish unisex choice feels rugged yet refined, making it a clear coastal cowgirl option.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Mae is a charming diminutive form of Mary or Margaret and means “bitter” or “beloved.” Namesake, Mae West helps bring this name some elegance and old Hollywood charm but the name is so straightforward, we feel it perfectly captures the coastal cowgirl aesthetic.


Coastal Cowgirl names

There’s only one Emmylou Harris, the singer who gives dignity to an old-style combo name. Harris has one just about every award you can get and is honored in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Emmylou is, of course, a combination of the names Emmy and Lou. Both Emmy and Lou have German origins with the first meaning “work” and the latter meaning “renowned warrior.”


Coastal Cowgirl names

Cassidy is a unisex name of Irish origin, meaning “curly hair.” Cassidy was once more popular for boys, but in recent years parents are giving it to their girls more often. The Butch Cassidy connection definitely gives this name a cowgirl feel.

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Coastal Cowgirl names

Lynelle is a fabulous coastal cowgirl name. It has never been a popular choice in the US, but its fortunes could change like many other appellations on this list. Lynelle is an elaboration of the Welsh name Lynn. It means “lake.”


Coastal Cowgirl names

Willa went out of fashion in the 1960s but came back in 2010. It’s been climbing that top 1000 chart ever since. Willia is a feminine form of William, a name of English and German origin, meaning “steadfast protector.” 


Coastal Cowgirl names

One of our favorite names on this list is Teal. It is of English origin and names a wild bird and a color. The name has never been widely used in the US, but we think it has potential. Teal feels like a quintessential coastal cowgirl name as it has a rugged appeal and reflects the color of the ocean.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Lucinda, an elaboration of Lucia created by Cervantes for his 1605 novel Don Quixote, is a pleasingly pretty alternative to Lucy. This Spanish name means “light” and one appealing namesake is country-rock-blues singer Lucinda Williams. In fact, she’s the only Lucinda we have ever known about! For music lovers, Lucinda could be the best coastal cowgirl name for your family.


Coastal Cowgirl names

A perfect appellation for nature lovers, Oakley is a name of English origin, meaning “oak clearing.” The name has been popular since 2013 and has been climbing ever since. It’s tracking to land in the top 100 most popular names for girls in the next year or two.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Sadie is a cousin to the name Sarah and both are of Hebrew origin and means “princess.” We think Sadie has a coastal cowgirl spirit and would be a great fit for a girl born today. The appellation is currently in the top 100 which means it’s very common. For something zestier, try Zadie.


Coastal Cowgirl names

The early 1980s country music charts were dominated by men until Naomi and Wynonna Judd burst onto the scene in 1983. The mother-daughter duo from Kentucky racked up multiple No. 1 hits and a slew of CMA awards between 1983 and 1991. While both Naomi and Wynonna are excellent choices, we decided to feature Wynonna on this list as it is a very unique baby name! Wynonna comes from Sioux Indian tradition and means “first-born daughter.” It’s got coastal cowgirl written all over it.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Sylvie is a sophisticated French form of Sylvia, a name featured in classic mythology, meaning “of the forest.” Sylvie has been climbing in the US and first landed in the top 1000 in 2016. This name is trending but it’s not ubiquitous yet. We think it perfectly fits the coastal cowgirl vibe.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Growing up in Kentucky’s Butcher Holler, Loretta Lynn didn’t have to search far for inspiration. She married and had four kids all before she released her first single, “Honky Tonk Girl.” Taking from her own life experience “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin,’” Lynn went on to write some of the best country songs ever written. We think that her influence works well as a coastal cowgirl name.


Coastal Cowgirl names

Lottie is the chill and sweet form of Charlotte, a name meaning “free man” or “Frenchman.” Lottie was once extremely popular as a given name in the US but it fell from favor by the 1960s and has yet to return. If you’re looking for a coastal cowgirl name with vintage flare, this one will do the trick.

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Coastal Cowgirl names

In the US, Dolly was a top 300 name around the turn of the last century. However, as the name became synonymous with Dolly Parton, parents shied from giving the name. It’s downright impossible to imagine country music without Parton. Her mega hits “I Will Always Love You,” “Coat of Many Colors,” “Jolene” and countless others aren’t just part of the fabric of country music, they’re part of the cultural lexicon. Parton is an American Treasure and one of the greatest artists of all time. Her name is an alternative form of Dorothy, which also means “gift of God.” Truly, a gift.

We hope that our list of coastal cowgirl baby names for girls has inspired you to embrace this unique and stylish aesthetic for your little one. When it comes to choosing a name, there’s nothing wrong with being creative or drawing inspiration from a blend of different styles and influences. Whether you’re looking for a nautical-themed name or a down-home country moniker, we’re sure that your little girl’s name will be a reflection of her unique personality and style.

Let your creativity run wild and don’t be afraid to break the rules, because the ‘coastal cowgirl’ aesthetic is all about creating your own unique style that blends elegance with rustic charm. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival, and we wish you all the best in your naming journey.

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