Dad Reveals To Pediatrician Wife Feeds 2-Month-Old Solids, She Demands He Apologizes

One dad is pleading for advice on Reddit after his wife neglected recommendations from their pediatrician — instead feeding their 2-month-old solid foods and lying about it.

“My wife and I have a 2-month-old daughter. For the past month, she’s been feeding our baby mashed potatoes, applesauce, sweet tea, assorted fruit juices and other things.”

Dad Reveals To Pediatrician Wife Feeds 2-Month-Old Solids
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“The last time we went to the doctor, our pediatrician told us to not give her anything but formula until she was between 4-6 months old. My wife does not care and says she knows best for our child and our doctor isn’t the parent.”

Sadly, it is causing the baby extreme pain.

“Our daughter is always constipated and screams for hours at night that my wife says Is ‘colic.’ I’ve asked her numerous times to stop feeding our infant table food and go back to giving her formula. She is only feeding her one or two bottles of formula while I’m at work.”

Dad Reveals To Pediatrician Wife Feeds 2-Month-Old Solids
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“The other morning she was cooking scrambled eggs and oatmeal and I was off work so I started to make our daughter a bottle and feed her and she stopped me and told me not to fill her up with that and she wanted her to eat her oatmeal first. I fed her the bottle anyway after a huge argument.”

“Well baby had a doctors appointment and my wife was talking about the colic and screaming fits and when the doctor asked what she was feeding her she only said “formula” nothing else. I was angry because she lied and told her the pediatrician every single thing that she had been giving her and the doctor strongly recommended her to stop and that she was causing stomach upset and more than likely the reason for all her stomach issues.”

“Instead of being apologetic for this, my wife is mad at me and told me I “ratted” her out to the doctor and that she doesn’t have to listen to her and that it’s only a recommendation and that I made her look like a bad parent. I tell her what a selfish little twat she was being and now she wants me to go stay with my parents until she forgives me and asks me to come home. AITA here? I maybe I shouldn’t have flew mad at her and said some things I did. Maybe I should apologize to my wife.”

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“NTA. What your wife is doing to your daughter can cause long term damage to her digestive system. Not giving her formula can also contribute to her loosing weight and not growing. I would suggest you talk to your pediatrician away from your wife for her to get a full picture. Its abuse. Edit: Because this is at the top, OP I urge you to supervise every feeding. Your daughter can choke to death having food, she’s not ready for anything but milk. This is extremely serious.”

“I would take your wife up on staying with your parents. Take the baby too because your wife is being reckless and dangerous with her. She’s not fit to parent her and this is abuse. Full stop. If she’ll lie to a doctor what is she lying to you about? NTA”

“There is a dangerous psychological malady called Munchausen By Proxy, where mothers cause medical problems for their children. They often kill the children, and definitely torture them. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy allegations are extremely serious. If charged with child abuse, a parent may lose custody of his or her child. If convicted, serious criminal penalties will follow, including long-term imprisonment and heavy fines.”

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