25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys That American Parents Will Love

Dutch baby names for boys have been traditionally shunned by American parents even though many of us have a touch of Dutch heritage. As the pool of baby names expands and new parents continue to broaden their horizons in hopes of finding the perfect, unique name for their son, Dutch names are a logical place to turn for baby name inspiration.

We decided to round up other popular Dutch baby names in the US along with names that are popular in The Netherlands today to give parents plenty of variety to choose from. This means that you will find a mix of names you know and probably did not realize were Dutch along with some unique baby names that you might have not encountered before! Here are 25 Dutch baby names for boys to honor your family’s heritage or to simply serve as wonderful baby name inspiration for adventurous parents.

25. Tijn

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Tijn is an adorable Dutch name that is pronounced TAYN. Tijn is a diminutive of other popular names like Martijn or Augustijn. Thus, the name means “magnificent.” The name is a top 100 pick for boys in The Netherlands but you hardly hear it here. Let’s change that, new parents!

24. Roan

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Roan is a name you will find in a number of naming traditions including Irish, where you will find Rowan. The Dutch Roan, however, comes from a Germanic element that means “raven.” You will also find this name spelled Ronne. Roan is a top 100 name in The Netherlands as well.

23. Rens

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Rens seems like a name for a casual and cool kid. The name comes from an old Roman family name, Laurentius. This name means “from Laurentium” and its roots are related to “laurel.” This is the 108th most popular name for boys in The Netherlands.

22. Tygo

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

While largely unknown in the English-speaking world, Tygo is an exotic choice that sounds playful. Tygo is a Dutch name that comes from a Greek saint with the name Tycho. Its roots mean “hitting the mark.”

21. Sef

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

If you can’t tell, the Dutch are very fond of single-syllable names! Sef is one of the fasting rising names for boys in The Netherlands. It’s simply a short form of Jozef. Today, Sef is more popular than its parent form. This name is Dutch with Hebrew origins that means “Jehovah increases.”

20. Raf

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Sure, you could go with Rafael as a name for your son or you could choose a breezier form in Raf. Raf is simply the shortened form of Rafael which you will also find spelled Raphael in other traditions. The name is Dutch and Spanish with Hebrew origins that mean “God has healed.”

19. Sven

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Sven comes from the ancient Swedish tribe, the Sviars, who gave their name to Svealand, which later morphed into Sweden. Today, the name is more popular in The Netherlands than in its motherland. It’s a top 20 pick there! Unfortunately, this name is practically unheard of outside Europe. This edgy choice has Norse origins and means “youth.”

18. Pim

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

In English, we often shorten William and Willem to Bill or Will. In Dutch, they prefer to use Pim. Even if you prefer the more traditional William you could always use Pim as a nickname! William and Willem have both German and English origins and mean “resolute protector.”

17. Jip

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

If you were after short, crisp names, you certainly landed on the best list, right? Jip is a Frisian diminutive of Gijsbert. Frisian languages come from the northern part of the country and are related to German. The Dutch meaning of this jovial name is “shining pledge.”

16. Gerrit

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

An undiscovered cousin of Garrett and Gerard. Gerrit has some merit, especially for its arty credentials as the name of several Old Master painters. Gerrit has low German origins and means “ruler with the spear.” A pretty wild meaning, if you ask us.

15. Duuk

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys That American Parents Will Love | American parents have historically shunned Dutch baby names and that should change! Check out these options for boys.

Duuk is the Dutch preferred form of Duke, an English name that means “nobleman.” Even though it might look like a swimming bird to most English speakers, Duuk is a top 100 name in The Netherlands. We see plenty of potential for this name but we do worry about little Duuk being teased for his name.

14. Florian

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Florian is an exceedingly popular choice for boys in The Netherlands and Germany right now. The name is derived from an ancient Roman name, Florianus (do not think about that one for too long.” Thus, Florian has Latin origins and means “flowering” or “blond.” This name was popular until the 1940s in the US, but has since fallen from favor. We hope new parents bring this classic back to life in the US.

13. Koen

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Okay, first things first with the name Koen. This name looks great on paper as it is a beloved shortened form of Coenraad a Dutch name that means “bold advisor.” The only downside with this name is that English-speakers will want to confuse it with the very popular Jewish name Cohen which means “priest.” Further, the Dutch pronounce this name COON. This did not stop many US parents from picking this name as it was a top 1000 choice for boys in various years between 2006 and 2014.

12. Loek

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Loek is the Dutch form of the Latin name Lucas which means “man from Lucania.” While Lucas is a wildly popular in the US its Dutch cousin has not enjoyed the same, warm welcome. Loek The name is pronounce LUYK.

11. Moos

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

The distinguished and ancient German surname Moos is derived from the German word moos, meaning “moss.” It’s uncommon to stumble upon a topographic German name! The Dutch love using this surname as a given name for little boys as is mildly true for Moss in the US. Moos is the 54th most popular name in The Netherlands for little boys.

10. Kaj

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Kaj looks like it should rhyme with Raj, but Kaj is pronounced KYE. Kaj has Danish origins and means “earth.” The name is popular across Scandinavia and northern Europe. If you are after a subtle econame, this would fit the brief nicely!

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9. Jens

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Jens used to be a popular name in the US, one hundred years ago! Today, you will still hear the name across all of Scandinavia as it is the preferred form of John there. Like John here, Jens is the third most popular name for boys in the Netherlands. Jens comes from Hebrew origins that mean “God is gracious.”

8. Bram

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Bram has an unusual touch of character and charm for a one-syllable name. Most American’s will undoubtedly associate the name with novelist Bram Stoker. Bram is simply the Dutch diminutive of Abraham. We expect this name to take off with US parents in the coming years but it has not spread as quickly as other European imports. Abraham has Hebrew origins that mean “father of multitudes.”

7. Noud

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Noud is a shortened form of Arnoud the Dutch equivalent of Arnold. Today, Noud is preferred for baby boys over Arnoud in The Netherlands. This handsome name is pronounced NOWD and it’s a top 20 pick for the Dutch. Noud means “ruler” or “strong as an eagle.”

6. Sem

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Sem is a Dutch favorite form of the Hebrew name Shem. This is the second most popular name for boys in The Netherlands. However, in the US you will constantly have to correct those who want to call your baby Sam instead. Sem means “name.”

5. Lars

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Lars is another Scandinavian form of Laurentius a Latin name that can be translated to “crowned with laurel.” This name has come and gone from the US top 1000 over the years with it last appearing in 1984. We think it is time to bring this baby back!

4. Micha

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Micha is a Dutch form of the Hebrew name Micah which means “who resembles God?” Micha is a top 200 name in The Netherlands and remains fairly undiscovered in the US today. For parents after alternatives to Micah or Michael, this would be a great option!

3. Niels

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Niels is a Dutch form of the classic name Cornelius, which has not been popular in the US since the 1970s. Cornelius is a Latin name that means “horn” and Niels shares that. This is top 100 name today in both The Netherland and Germany. We believe this name is ripe for the picking by American parents.

2. Xavi

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

Xavi comes from the Basque and Arabic name Xavier and the Dutch absolutely love it. It turns out, they are not alone. In the US, Xavi was in the top 1000 from 2010-2013. Let’s get momentum behind this charmer once more! Xavier means “bright” or “new house.” Names beginning with X are all the rage right now and this would be an excellent choice to give to your son.

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1. Vik

25 Delightful Dutch Baby Names for Boys

In the US, Victor is the predominant form of this name. In Europe and Russia, you will find Viktor and Vik are much more popular. As you probably guessed, this name means “conqueror.” Vic was popular in the US until the 1960s. We think that makes plenty of room for the emergence of Vik here.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed and feel inspired by these Dutch baby names for boys. They represent a wide range of influences that mark the Dutch language and culture. These unique, crisp names sounds very contemporary and would be great options for parents looking to keep things clean and cool.

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