25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Let’s be honest, we’re all fans of the nickname and it’s all that really matters when choosing a name. Okay, so maybe it’s not all that matters but finding an attractive first name is only half the task. You’re going to be calling your son some shortened form of it before too long and so it’s wise to consider the nicknames associated with a given name.

If you’re after an adorable nickname, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done some digging to find and share with you the best first names that have the most charming, cute, and functional nicknames ever. By choosing a baby name with some pet form options, the name can evolve and grow with your child as they age. For instance, the name Edward is very buttoned-up but you might enjoy using Eddie for him when he’s little and eventually transition to Ed as he gets older. Now, Ed is just fine, but we feel like we’ve found more appealing options than that for you! Here 25 names for boys with the cutest nicknames to help you with your baby naming decision.

25. Antonio – Ant, Toni, Nino, Nio

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Antonio is the preferred form of Anthony for Spanish and Italian speakers. It ranks in the top 200 most popular names for boys! The name means “priceless one.” We must admit the nicknames Ant, Toni, Nio, and the incomparable Nino are all priceless nicknames associated with this classic.

24. Broderick – Brody, Rod, Roddy, Rick, Derick

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

At first, Broderick might seem like a mouthful, but this dignified name has some pretty excellent and fun nicknames associated with it. Brody, Rod, Roddy, Rick, and Derick are all pet forms of this swanky name. Broderick is a name with Norse origins which means “brother.”

23. Carmelo – Carl, Mel, Melo, Lo

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Carmelo is a romantic name with both Hebrew and Spanish origins that means “cultivated terrain.” The name is linked to the home of the prophet Elijah, Mt. Carmel. Carmelo might just have the coolest nickname of all time attached to it: Melo. If Melo is not your speed, consider the casual Mel and the short and sweet Lo.

22. Declan – Dec, Dex, Len

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Declan is an English form of a name with Irish origins that means “man of prayer.” Declan is a surprisingly popular name in the US with it ranking as the 101st most popular baby name. Dec, Dex, and Len are all fantastic nicknames, but we have a soft spot for Dex. Sure, you could get the same from Dexter but Declan has a touch more drama to it.

21. Everett – Ev, Rett

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Sure, the name Everett has made a comeback over the last 100 years. This staunch English name means “brave as a boar” and while we love it as-is, we are truly smitten with its nicknames: Ev and Rett.

20. Finnegan – Finn, Finny, Egan

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Hear us out! Finnegan might seem like a lot and honestly, it is a name that takes some practice for a little one to master. This Irish name means “fair” and we’re guessing most parents choose this name for its popular shortened form: Finn. If you’re feeling cutesy, you could always go with Finny. And, if you’re feeling bold, Egan.

19. Gabriel – Gabe, Abe, Gil

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Gabriel is one of the most popular names for boys in the US. It’s not hard to see why. The name is gorgeous in its own right. However, we would not fault a parent for choosing this Hebrew name simply to use one of the endearing nicknames associated with it. Gabe, Abe, and Gil are each classic and remarkable. This name means “God is my strength.”

18. Gideon – Gid, Ian, Deon

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Gideon is an old-school name with Hebrew origins that’s finally back in fashion. The name means “hewer” and shortens nicely to Gid, Ian, and Deon. Both Ian and Deon are strong names on their own. With Gideon, you’ve got those wonderful options as nicknames.

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17. Henderson – Henry, Ender

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

As you might have guessed, Henderson is an English name that means “son of Henry.” Now, you could always just call him Son or Sonny, but we are fond of the nickname Ender. It sounds so finite and tough! By all means, go with the root and call him Henry as well.

16. Isaiah – Is “eyes”, Zay, Ike

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

A gorgeous name with Hebrew origins, Isaiah is a smart choice for a number of reasons, mainly, that it shortens to some iconic nicknames. Is, pronounced “eyes,” is probably our favorite but we also enjoy the vintage appeal of Ike. And if you want to get really fun with it, go with Zay. All three are unbeatable. The name means “Salvation of the Lord.”

15. Jacob – Coby, Jake, Jakey, Jack

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Often, the most time-tested names are the ones with the best nicknames. Jacob is no exception. This very popular name with Hebrew origins means “supplanter” and has some truly fantastic nicknames associated with it. Coby, Jake, Jakey, and Jack each charm. We must admit, Coby seems like the real winner.

14. Julian – Jules, Jude, Lee, Ian

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Please, for the love of all that is good, pick Julian so you can call him Jules. We need to hear that nickname all day, every day. Julian is the English form of the Latin name Julius and means “youthful.” If Jules doesn’t appeal to you, don’t fear, Jude, Ian, and Lee are all prime for the taking.

13. Keaton – Key, Keat, Ton

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Don’t be afraid of the name Keaton! It’s a great one and many parents are choosing it these days and it now ranks as the 541st most popular baby name. Yes, this English name might mean “shed town” but there’s nothing basic about it. The name shortens nicely to Keat and Ton but probably best to Key.

12. Lawrence – Law, Lor, Rory, Lore, Ren

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Lawrence is a name with Latin origins that’s survived since antiquity. The name means “from Laurentium” and is closely associated with laurel trees. This name has been around so long that it’s accrued a series of phenomenal nicknames including Law, Lor, Rory, Lore, and Ren. Are all of them amazing? Yes, 100%!

11. Maverick – Erick, Mav, Rick, Ricky

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Maverick is a name of American invention that means “independent.” While it’s a blast on its own, Maverick shortens nicely to some amazing nicknames: Erick, Mav, Rick, and Ricky. While we enjoy all of them, we’re especially into Mav.

10. Nicholas – Nico, Cole, Nick

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Nicholas is a name with Greek origins that means “victory of the people.” While Nick is the most popular shortened form of this name, we think the more contemporary nicknames, Nico and Cole are the winners here.

9. Oakley – Oak, Lee, Oaks

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

So, Oakley is a name that might make you think of sunglasses, but it’s an old-school British name that has some truly remarkable nicknames, namely, Oaks. The name means “meadow of oak trees.” If you are looking for an understated, nature-inspired name, Oakley’s the one!

8. Philip – Phil, Philly, Pip, Lip

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Philip is a handsome name with Greek origins that means “lover of horses.” While Phil and Philly are classic nicknames, Pip and Lip are the two that really excite us. Both sound young and fresh and full of life.

7. Raphael – Rafe, Raffy, Ralph

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Raphael is a very appealing name for boys that has Hebrew origins and means “God has healed.” While Ralph is just fine, we especially love the nicknames Rafe and Raffy for a baby boy.

6. Roman – Ro, Roro, Rom

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Roman, as you might suspect, is a name that dates back to the Roman Empire and means… “of Rome.” Roman is a fantastic name with equally wonderful nicknames: Ro, Roro, and Rom. We are really into Ro.

5. Santiago – San, Sant, Tiago, Tigo

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Santiago is a Spanish name with Hebrew origins which means “Saint Iago.” We love this romantic name and think it has some of the very best nicknames on this list. San, Sant, Tiago, and Tigo all make for super cute and fun nicknames that seem modern and fresh.

4. Sebastian – Bass, Ash, Ashton, Bash, Bastian

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Another heavy hitter in the nickname department is Sebastian that comes with Bass, Ash, Ashton, Bash, and Bastian. Try and pick a favorite because they’re all so, so good. Sebastian has Greek and Latin origins and means “man from Sebastia.”

3. Theodore – Dory, Theo, Ted, and Teddy

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Theodore is a stately name with Greek origins that means “God-given.” Theo and Teddy are two fabulous nicknames, but feel free to shorten the name to the classic Ted or more lively Dory.

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2. Terrance – Terry, Trace, Ren

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

Terrance has uncertain origins but was used as an Old Roman family name: Terentius. The origins of the name might be found in Aramaic and mean “heart.” Terrance has highbrow appeal while the nicknames Terry, Trace, and Ren are all completely causal and approachable.

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1. Xavier – Zay, Xavi

25 Baby Names for Boys with the Cutest Nicknames

A gorgeous name, Xavier has Latin origins and means “new house.” Xavier’s nicknames capitalize on its unique z-sound beginning. Both Zay and Xavi are handsome choices as nicknames for this time-tested classic.

There you go! 25 excellent names for boys with even cuter nicknames attached. While a nickname might not be first of mind, it’s always smart to consider those possibilities if you’re having trouble finding a name that lands.

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