Details of Actor Johnny Depp and Actress Amber Heard's Abuse Allegations and Subsequent Divorce Are Being Revealed During Actor's Libel Suit

Details of Actor Johnny Depp and Actress Amber Heard’s Abuse Allegations and Subsequent Divorce Are Being Revealed During Actor’s Libel Suit

Despite claims made by his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, actor Johnny Depp is adamant that he never slapped or physically abused Heard. Depp is currently being cross-examined in court as a result of a lawsuit he has against the tabloid known as The Sun after it published an article calling him a “wife-beater.”

As a result of the lawsuit, much about Depp’s personal life has come to light. From providing his daughter with weed to the allegations that he hit Heard during their marriage, Depp is answering deeply personal questions in front of a judge and now those answers are being made public.

Details of Actor Johnny Depp and Actress Amber Heard's Abuse Allegations and Subsequent Divorce Are Being Revealed During Actor's Libel Suit

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Details of Actor Johnny Depp and Actress Amber Heard’s Abuse Allegations and Subsequent Divorce Are Being Revealed

One of the topics of conversation was whether or not the actor physically abused Heard after she laughed at one of his tattoos. According to the BBC, the tattoo reportedly read “Winona Forever,” which was a tribute to his ex-fiancée, Winona Ryder.

While in court, Sasha Wass QC, the lawyer for The Sun‘s parent company News Group Newspapers (NGN), explained that Depp got the tattoo when he reportedly had “fallen off the wagon” in 2013 and claimed that he was taking drugs and drinking again. Depp later changed the tattoo to “Wino Forever.”

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However, when Heard saw the body art, she allegedly “laughed at that tattoo,” Wass said before alleging then Depp then “slapped Ms. Heard across the face and that was the first time it happened.”

“You slapped her more than once because after you slapped her the first time, she didn’t react, she just eyeballed you, she just stared at you, and that made you more angry, and you slapped her again.”

However, Depp vehemently denied ever hitting Heard, telling Wass and the court that the allegations were “patently untrue” and “not correct,” adding that he doesn’t “recall any argument about any tattoos.” He also told the court that that Heard “never supported me in my attempt to be strong and avoid alcohol and drugs.”

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He went as far as to say he watched his ex-wife take cocaine in front of him despite his fight to stay sober. “There were many times in our relationship when not only did she chop the cocaine with a razor blade into lines she also put it on to her finger and rubbed it into her gums.” 

It was then that Wass alleged that Depp hit Heard a second time over a Taysa Van Ree painting Heard had hanging in her room. Van Ree is also Heard’s ex.

Depp responded to the accusation by saying that while he was often “jealous,” he denied ever taking the painting down, setting it on fire, and slapping Heard when she tried to stop him. “I did not hit Ms. Heard and furthermore I have never hit Ms. Heard.”

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According to The Guardian, he also claimed that Heard was “building a dossier” that she began early on in their relationship reportedly as an “insurance policy for later,” among other things. Now, Heard’s old assistant is claiming that the actress stole her “own experience of being a victim of sexual violence and twisting it into a different story.”

As People reported, the actor also sued Heard for “defamation after she wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post in December 2018 in which she described being an alleged victim of domestic violence.” That lawsuit is still ongoing.

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