Elderly Couple Gives Update On Their Miracle Baby: ‘Lily Is The Poster Child For Hope’

Susie and Tony Troxler went viral for becoming parents later in life. And ever since, it has been a whirlwind with their little baby.

Susie was 50 and Tony was 61 when they had their little girl, Lily on September 29, 2021.

“Those lovely sleep-in days are over,” Susie said. “Three in the morning doesn’t even phase me anymore. It’s 3 a.m., time to feed the baby!”

“I dreamed about a baby and I told my wife about it. I told her I was holding this child in a pink onesie and I never loved anything so much,” Tony said.

Tony spends most of his time fussing over his baby girl and even sings her songs, each one with her name.

Tony, 62, always hoped for a baby girl.

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“Oh, God, this is so embarrassing! When I change her diaper, I sing the ‘Diaper Song’ and during tummy time, I sing a song about that,” he smiled.

“She was it! And when I say it, I mean it,” Susie said of how their later-in-life pregnancy was a miracle. “We had gone through everything, nothing happened naturally. We collected my eggs, none of those worked, then we collected donor eggs and we had quite a few donor eggs, got them ready. We had no viable embryos but two,” Susie recalled. “The first time the embryo didn’t take, we were still OK. We tried again and here she is!”

To two shared how it was important to them that they share their story with the world.

“We were pre-internet, pre-computer, pre-cellphone, so this idea that we could go viral was never even a thing we thought about, and so when it happened, we were like, really?” Susie said. 

So when the couple went from homebodies to instant fame, it was a bit of transition.

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“I was walking down the hallway and a lady said, ‘You’re,’ – what is it – ‘You’re trending.’ I’m like, ‘What is trending? I’m not sure what that means!’”

“Our story was in parts of the U.S., then it hit Africa and Australia,” Susie went on. “People from all over sharing congratulations and their own fertility journeys.”

And when it comes to encouraging others to follow their own path to creating families, Susie urged others to not give up.

“Lily is the poster child for hope. It’s not over. Don’t give up,” Susie said.  

“They joke around and they’re like, ‘You’re going to be wearing diapers when the baby is wearing diapers,’” Tony adds. “She’s been an absolute blessing to us. I love being a dad. I love it!”

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