100 Popular European Girl Names That American Parents Should Consider for Some Variety

European girl names represent some of the most popular appellations in use in the US. In fact, many classic names that are popular today like Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Amelia, and Mia have European roots. But, if you take a closer look within Europe, you will quickly learn that there are plenty of baby names that American parents have yet to discover. Cultural and linguistic variety is the name of the game for parents looking for unique options from a number of baby naming traditions across Europe. The baby name database, Nameberry, took a look at the top 100 names for girls in a variety of countries to find popular European girl names that are being overlooked by most American parents.

You might be looking for European girl names that honor your heritage or just fun spins on English classics. For instance, Ines can be traded for Agnes, Alessia for Alexis, and Anais for Anna. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s take a look at the European girl names that are flying under American parents’ radars in the US to discover some options that you will want to add to your list of possibilities.

European Girl Names That Start With A

European Girl Names
  • Ainara – A name of Basque origin, meaning “swallow bird”
  • Alva – An English form of Irish Ailbhe, meaning “white”
  • Anais – A Catalan and Provencal pet form of the Hebrew name Anna, meaning “grace”
  • Antonina – A Slavic, Italian, and Nordic name from Latin, meaning “priceless”

European Girl Names That Start With A Continued

European Girl Names
  • Apolline – A French form of Apollonia, meaning “of the sun”
  • Arlet – A Spanish variant of the French name Arlette, meaning “noble”
  • Aurelie -A French variation of Aurelia, from Latin, meaning “golden one”
  • Axelle – A French feminine form of Axel, from Hebrew, meaning “father of peace”

European Girl Names That Start With B

European Girl Names
  • Belen – A Spanish place name and form of Bethlehem, meaning “house of bread”
  • Benedetta – An Italian variation of Benedicta, from Latin, meaning “blessed one”
  • Benthe – A Dutch short form of Benedicta, also meaning “blessed one”
  • Brisa – A name of Spanish origin that means “breeze”

European Girl Names That Start With C

European Girl Names
  • Calixta – A name of Greek origin that means “most beautiful”
  • Candela – A name of Spanish origin that means “Candlemas”
  • Chiara – A name of Italian origin, meaning “light” or “clear”
  • Clemence – A French feminine variation of Clement, meaning “merciful”

European Girl Names That Start With D

European Girl Names
  • Danica – A name of Slavic origin that means “morning star”
  • Dasha – A Russian diminutive of Dariya or Darya, meaning “kingly”
  • Demetria – A name originating in Greek, a form of Demeter, meaning “half”
  • Doutzen – A popular Dutch name with an unclear meaning

European Girl Names That Start With E

European Girl Names
  • Elettra – Italian variation of Latin Electra, from Latin, meaning “shining bright”
  • Elke – A Dutch, German, and Frisian diminutive form of Adelheid, meaning “noble”
  • Elin – A Swedish variation of Ellen, meaning “torch”
  • Evadne – A name of Greek origin, meaning “pleasing”

European Girl Names That Start With F

European Girl Names
  • Faustine – A name of Latin origin, meaning “fortunate one”
  • Femke – A name of Dutch origin, meaning “peace”
  • Fenna – A Dutch and Frisian name, also meaning “peace”
  • Fien – A Dutch variation of Josephine, from Hebrew, meaning “Jehovah increases”

European Girl Names That Start With F Continued

European Girl Names
  • Finja – A German short form of Josephine, also means “Jehovah increases”
  • Fiorella – A name of Italian origin, meaning “little flower”
  • Flavia – A name of Latin origin, meaning “golden” or “blonde”
  • Fleur – A name of French origin, meaning “flower”

European Girl Names That Start With G

European Girl Names
  • Gaia – A name of Greek origin, meaning “rejoicing”
  • Gala – A name of Russian and Slavic origin, meaning “calm”
  • Ginerva – An Italian variation of Guinevere, from Welsh, meaning “white shadow” or “white wave”
  • Gretel – A diminutive of Margarete from German, meaning “pearl”

European Girl Names That Start With I

European Girl Names
  • Iben – A German and Scandinavian form of Ivo, meaning “yew wood”
  • Ilaria – An Italian variation of Hilary, meaning “joyful”
  • Ilsa – A German form of Elizabeth, from Hebrew, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Ines – An Italian, Portuguese, Slovene, and Croatian variation of Agnes, meaning “pure”

European Girl Names That Start With J

European Girl Names
  • Jacinda – A variation of Jacinta, from Spanish and Portuguese, meaning “hyacinth”
  • Jamais – A name of French origin that means “never”
  • Juna – A Latinate form of June, meaning … “June”
  • Juni – A Scandinavian, Finnish, and Swedish form of June

European Girl Names That Start With L

European Girl Names
  • Laia – A Catalan diminutive of Eulalia, meaning “sweetly speaking”
  • Leire – A name of Basque origin, meaning “refuge” or “hostel”
  • Leonie – A name of Latin origin, meaning “lion”
  • Lieke – A Dutch form of Angelique, meaning “angelic”

European Girl Names That Start With L Continued

European Girl Names
  • Liesl – A German diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God”
  • Lilou – A Occitan pet form of French Liliane, meaning “lily”
  • Lotte – A German and Scandinavian diminutive of Charlotte, meaning “free man”
  • Luz – A name of Spanish origin, meaning “light”

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European Girl Names That Start With M

European Girl Names
  • Madelief – A name of Dutch origin that means “daisy”
  • Maelie – A name of Breton origin, meaning “princess”
  • Mafalda – A Italian and Portuguese variation of Matilda, meaning “battle-mighty”
  • Majken – A Scandinavian version of Marie or Mary, meaning “drop in the sea” or “bitter” or “pearl”

European Girl Names That Start With M Continued

European Girl Names
  • Manon – A French form of Marie, meaning “drop in the sea” or “bitter” or “pearl”
  • Manuela – A name of Spanish origin, meaning “God is with us”
  • Melisandre – A French form of Millicent, meaning “honeybee”
  • Merle – A name of French origin, meaning “blackbird”

European Girl Names That Start With M Continued

European Girl Names
  • Mignon – A name of French origin, meaning “delicate”
  • Milou – One of the popular European girl names in Belgium and the Netherlands, a combination of Marie and Louise
  • Minette – A name of French origin, meaning “faithful leader”
  • Moa – A name of Swedish origin, meaning “mother”

European Girl Names That Start With N

European Girl Names
  • Naiara – A Basque place name that refers to a Spanish city where the Virgin Mary appeared in medieval times
  • Nele – A German diminutive of Cornelia, meaning “horn”
  • Nerea – A name of Basque origin, meaning “mine”
  • Nuria – A name of Hebrew, Portuguese, and Catalan origin, closely associated with the Virgin Mary, meaning “fire of the Lord”

European Girl Names That Start With O

European Girl Names
  • Oceane – A name of French origin, that indeed means “ocean”
  • Odile – A French variation of the German name Otthild, meaning “prospers in battle”
  • Oline – Scandinavian, feminine, short form of Ole or Olaf, meaning “ancestor’s relic”
  • Ona – A name found in Lithuanian and Catalan naming traditions, meaning “grace” or “pearl”

European Girl Names That Start With R

European Girl Names
  • Ravenna – An Italian place-name
  • Rocio – A name of Spanish origin, meaning “dewdrops”
  • Romane – A French, feminine form of Roman, meaning “a Roman”
  • Ronja – A Scandinavian form of the Hebrew name Ronia, meaning “God’s joyful song”

European Girl Names That Start With S

European Girl Names
  • Saar – A Dutch variation of Sarah, from Hebrew, meaning “princess”
  • Saga – A Swedish word name and one of the European girl names heard often around Europe, meaning “story” and “seeress”
  • Sandrine – A French variation of Alexandra, from Greek, meaning “defending men”
  • Sanne – A Dutch, diminutive form of Susanne, meaning “lily”

European Girl Names That Start With S Continued

European Girl Names
  • Saskia – A name of Dutch origin, meaning “Saxon”
  • Sidonie – A French name from Latin, meaning “from Sidon”
  • Signe – A name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “new victory”
  • Sigrid – A name of Norse origin, meaning “fair victory”

European Girl Names That Start With S Continued

European Girl Names
  • Siv – A name from Norse mythology, meaning “bride”
  • Solana – A name of Spanish origin, meaning “sunshine”
  • Solene – A name of French origin, meaning “with solemnity”
  • Stina – A Swedish short form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”

European Girl Names That Start With T

European Girl Names
  • Thais – A name of Greek origin, meaning “bandage” or “beloved”
  • Tiril – A popular name in Norway from literature
  • Triana – A Spanish place name from a Latin root that means “three rivers”
  • Tuva – A Swedish and Norwegian variation of Tove, meaning “beloved”

European Girl Names That Start With V

European Girl Names
  • Valeria – A name of Latin origin, meaning “strength”
  • Veerle – A name of Dutch origin, meaning “travel to battle”
  • Vega – A name of Spanish origin, meaning “eagle”
  • Vianne – A French name and combination of Vivian and Anne

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European Girl Names That Start With X, Y, or Z

European Girl Names
  • Xanthipe – A name of Greek origin, meaning “yellow horse”
  • Ximena – A Feminization of Ximeno from Spanish, meaning “son”
  • Yara – A name of Arabic origin, meaning “friend”
  • Zosia – A Polish form of Sophia, meaning “wisdom”

Wow! Aren’t these European girl names just spectacular? We hope you found some that are worthy of your consideration and better still, that you have added to your baby name shortlist. If you’d like even more baby name inspiration, take a look at these rare Irish names for girls that more American parents should try.

Discover a Rare Irish Name for Girls Below:


Rare Irish Baby Names

Aoife is an exciting Irish Gaelic name that has a storied history in Irish legend. According to one tale, the name belonged to one of the fiercest warriors in the world. Aoife is pronounced EE-fa and it’s highly favored in Ireland today. The name means “beautiful” or “radiant.”


Rare Irish Baby Names

Another name with Irish origins, Beatha is a glorious name for girls. However, it’s going to be mispronounced a lot so take you and your future child’s patience into account. Beatha is pronounced BEH-tha. The name means “life.” If you’re looking for a unique alternative to Bethany or Beth, Beatha would be a wise choice.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Boudicca is an ancient Irish Celtic name that doesn’t get as much play today as it should. The name belonged to a first-century queen who led her Brittonic Iceni tribe in a revolution against the Romans occupying England. Pretty fierce, right? The name means “victory.” It’s pronounced Boo-di-kah.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Larkin is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name of Irish origin meaning “rough” or “fierce.” Despite it being unisex and having a slightly masculine sound, this name is currently more popular for girls than boys in the UK. We love the idea of Lark as a nickname.


Rare Irish Baby Names

You might be familiar with the new age-y musician, Enya. Her moniker is the contemporary spelling of Eithne which is pronounced the exact same way. The singer’s full name is Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin. Eithne has Irish Gaelic roots and means “nut kernel.” Cute.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Ailbhe is phonetically spelled as Elva or Alva, and indeed means “leader of the elves” or “noble one.” The name is growing in popularity today in Ireland but it has yet to land on many birth certificates in the US. The Elva spelling was once popular in the US but it has been decades since that was true.


Rare Irish Baby Names

If you love the name Freya but fear it’s becoming too popular for you to settle on, consider the Irish name Fiadh. Fiadh is a rising star in Ireland and it hit the top ten most popular names for girls this past year. You won’t hear it much outside of Ireland, however, and that’s in part due to its spelling versus pronunciation. The name is pronounced Fee-a. Such a simple name, but the spelling belies that for most people.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Although it enjoyed mild favor for girls in the US from the late 1950s to the early 1990s, American parents have largely abandoned this name. The Irish Gaelic version, Darragh, is well-used in contemporary times for boys across the UK. The name means “oak” and we would love to hear it more in the future!


Rare Irish Baby Names

Tristan is having a moment, but the other member from this Arthurian romance has yet to take off in the US. Iseult, while known, has never been a popular choice for parents in the states. The name has many spelling variations that change depending on what Celtic nation you’re in. You’ll also find Iseulde, Yseult, and Isolde. The name means “ice ruler.”


Rare Irish Baby Names

Name to a town in Northern Ireland, Keely is a spending name that means “beautiful” or “slender.” If you’re over names like Kelly or Kaylie or Kylie, Keely is a fun alternative. In 1997, Keely placed at number 455 in the US. It hasn’t seen that sort of popularity in decades and we think it’s time for a return.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Liadain is an Irish Gaelic name that means “gray lady.” The name belonged to a lovelorn poet in Irish folk legend. You’ll also commonly see the name spelled as Liadan or Liadin. However it’s spelled, the name is pronounced LEE-din. Get ready to have to explain that to many folks as this name has never been popular in the US.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Pronounced ash-LEEN or ASH-lin, Aisling could be a very cool alternative to the ubiquitous Ashley. You see it more commonly spelled phonetically in the US as Ashlynn. In Ireland, it’s currently one of the most popular baby names for girls.


Rare Irish Baby Names

You’ve probably seen the name Morgan, popularized by Arthurian myth, but it’s got a darker, Irish counterpart, Morrigan. Morrigan and Morgan are unrelated, although they are often confused for one another. Morrigan was the mythological ancient goddess of war, often symbolized by a crow. Therefore, this name means “phantom queen.”

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Rare Irish Baby Names

You’ll find the name Moya in a ton of different languages and traditions. For our purposes, we’ll consider Moya as the Irish form of Mary. In Scottish, it’s Morag. In Welsh it’s Mairwen. Pick your favorite! We like Moya over Moira, but they’re both variations of the same name. The name means “water” or “bitter” or “star of the sea.”


Rare Irish Baby Names

Neala is the feminine form of the Irish name, Niel which means “cloud.” The name has never been popular in the US, but we sure hope that changes. This is also a great, understated nature name.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Another Irish name with a somewhat perplexing spelling, Niamh is pronounced Neev. You’ll also see the name spelled Neve (as in Neve Campbell). The name was one of the most popular names in Ireland, making the top 10 for many years of the 1990s. The name is broadly popular throughout the UK. We’d love to hear it more in the US.


Rare Irish Baby Names

For fans of Nora or Norah, you can take the preferred Celtic form of an ancient Roman name, Onora. The name means “honor” or “woman of honor.” While Nora climbs the charts in the US, Onara remains relatively unseen.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Another surprisingly modern-sounding mythological name, Tuiren was the aunt of Finn MacCool, famed for her beauty. The name is pronounced TIR-en. Tuiren is most popular in the Republic of Ireland, where it was given to 10 baby girls last year. So, it’s a name that’s not entirely popular anywhere today.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Sheridan is an ideal Irish name that has two possible meanings: “searcher” or “untamed.” This elegant name is familiar enough without being too obscure. We’d love to see this name for girls more often.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Siobhan is the Irish Gaelic variation of Joan. The name is pronounced sheh-VAHN. The name means “grace of God.” Siobhan was the name of several early Irish queens and was introduced to the American pop culture by the actress Siobhan McKenna.


Rare Irish Baby Names

Already popular throughout the British Isles, Orla is the most popular spelling of the Gaelic name Órlaith or Órfhlaith, borne by the sister of the 11th-century Irish king Brian Boru. It means “golden princess.”

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Rare Irish Baby Names

You’ll see both Una and Oona in Ireland. This beautiful name can be traced all the way back to ancient Roman times when it was adopted by the Irish. Now, it’s one of the few places the name lived on. The name means “lamb” or “one.”


Rare Irish Baby Names

In Irish mythology, the Fianna are small bands of warriors, who are famously led by the hero Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool). The singular form fiann is cognate with modern Irish fine “family group” and Old English wine “friend.” This name is pronounced FEE-uh-nah, making it a lovely alternative to Fiona. Fianna may also be used as an elaboration on the hugely popular Irish name Fiadh (Fia), which was the #1 girl name in Ireland last year.


Rare Irish Baby Names

The Old Irish name for Ireland, now Éire, which is the source of Erin (via its possessive form Éireann “of Ireland”). In Irish mythology, Ériu is the mother goddess of Ireland, whose name may derive from a Proto-Celtic word meaning “full, abundant.” The name is pronounced EH-ryu.

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Rare Irish Baby Names

Pronounced CLEE-uh-nah, Cliona is one of the lesser know Irish mythology names. In Irish lore, Clíodhna is a beautiful queen of the sidhe (a word for faeries) who falls in love with a mortal and is swept out to sea. The tide in the harbor of Glandore in County Cork is still known as Tonn Chlíodhna  meaning “Cliona‘s Wave.”

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these rare Irish baby names for girls in the US. If you would like to learn about other Irish baby names, please keep on reading. We have some names for girls inspired by Irish saints.

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