MUST WATCH: Family Meets Daughter’s New Boyfriend for the First Time, So They Decide to Take Part in a Viral Trend

Many people can relate to the awkwardness that usually unfolds when a daughter or son brings home their boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time. The parents are always worried about their child choosing the wrong person, while the children (and their date) are trying their best to make a good first impression. 

While most families do their best to avoid awkwardness, other families like to embrace it and make the most out of the situation. And sometimes, those families record their hilarious moments as they meet their child or sibling’s significant other for the first time – which is exactly what this family decided to do.

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MUST WATCH: Family Meets Daughter’s New Boyfriend for the First Time, So They Decide to Take Part in a Viral Trend

Alex was bringing her boyfriend, Bryan, home for the first time – they were visiting her family over the holiday season. Instead of doing the old handshake by the door, her family wanted to make this moment something everyone remembered for a long time (if not forever) by doing a viral trend. Well, let’s take a look at the outcome

The family lines up inside the door and creates quite the entrance for Alex and Bryan, who walk through the parade-like atmosphere through everyone’s raised hands. We can only assume it was the equivalent of a starting NBA player hearing his name called during the player introductions – adrenaline flowing. 

Just imagine the thoughts that are racing through that young man’s mind. After all, that’s a lot to handle when meeting someone’s family for the first time – especially since he likely had no idea that was going to happen. At least he can move forward in his relationship knowing his girlfriend’s family is the cool type. 

This Hilarious and Viral Trend is Nothing New

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time we’re seeing a family put together an exciting entrance for their daughter and her boyfriend. A similar video went viral in October – like the previous one, it was shared by Good Morning America – and the parents sat down for an interview to explain how it all went down.

The family waited by the car and made a similar cathedral-like tunnel with their raised hands as the daughter and her boyfriend embarrassingly walked through. “As he walks through the tunnel, poor Joe got a lot of grief for not shaking my hand, but I was growling at him,” said the father as he let out a chuckle. 

The mother explained how her daughter begged her not to do anything ‘weird’ a few days before she brought Joe ever. On the day of the meet, her family started to brainstorm ideas on how to be ‘weird’ while her daughter picked her boyfriend up – it’s a type of harmless prank that all families can relate to.

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“It helped break the ice because I mean, how much weirder can it get than that? It’s hard because Carlie and Joe are both pretty quiet. So, I think that was a really good introduction to, ‘Hey, just be here and be comfortable,’” added the father. Again, at least he knows his girlfriend has a cool family!

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