Farrah Abraham Receives Backlash After Allowing 14-Year-Old Daughter to Get Multiple Face Piercings

Sophia Laurent Abraham, the daughter of reality TV personality Farrah Abraham, celebrated her 14th birthday on February 23rd. As a birthday present, Abraham treated her daughter to a ‘piercing party’ that included the 14-year-old getting a snake bite piercing and several ear piercings – six piercings in total.

As you can likely imagine, the public was quick to criticize the mother for allowing her daughter – who also has dyed hair and a nose piercing – to get these piercings at such a young age. “Why are we ok with this? I know I’ll cop a lot of hate for this, but she’s 14!” said one Instagram user in the comments section. 

At the same time, many were quick to defend Farrah and point out that it’s better than getting it done without parental supervision. “We all pierced our faces at 14. At least she’s having it done safely by a professional and not and nervous 14-year-old in the bathroom with a safety pin,” one user commented.

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In response to the hate she’s receiving, Farrah Abraham spoke with TMZ to defend her parenting style and the decision to allow her daughter to get the piercings. “I’m fortunate to be able to go with my child when she thinks about getting these piercings,” she said – echoing what many in the comments were saying. 

She went on to explain that her daughter actually wanted to get a total of 10 piercings, but professionals advised against her getting four of them – which is why they settled on the six. She also explained that there is a limit as to what she would approve for her daughter – for example, tattoos are a definite no. 

In an Instagram post, she continued her defense and discussed how many teenagers today are being allowed to drink, have sex, experiment with drugs, and much more – all things she continues to advise her daughter against. She believes a lot of parents need to look in a mirror before ‘parent shaming.’

“Right now, Sophia is learning well-being, self-love, mental health, sex Ed, drug education, Ada compliant education before actions go beyond her learning. So she is prepared for all that life brings her way,” she wrote in her Instagram caption. She even said she used to be a ‘parent shamer’ at one point in time. 

Farrah Abraham Posts Heartfelt Birthday Post for Sophia

Despite many users questioning her parenting style and decisions, Farrah Abraham continued to show her unrelenting love for her daughter with a heartfelt message on Instagram. “I LOVE MY TEENAGER,” she wrote in the caption. “I want to say beyond love for you, I’m grateful to have you as my daughter.”

She thanked her daughter for helping her recognize ‘how to reparent’ herself, all while continuing to learn how to be a parent to a teenager. She also thanked Sophia for teaching her how to lose the ‘parental ego’ – which she called the ugliest thing in the world – and how to attune and have compassion for others. 

“For this, you’ve made my world easier to see & overcome my childhood and be present,” she continued in the caption. “I love you and wishing you the most successful life you deserve filled with compassion not criticism, nor shaming, blaming, or rejection for any reason. As your now relearning, reparenting yourself.”

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Sophia was quick to comment on her love for her mother, adding a purple heart emoji – a common emoji whenever the two interact on social media. She also commented on her mother’s post about parent shaming, saying, ‘The Legend OG has spoken’ and ‘mom, [you’re] the best don’t stress’ with a laughing emoji.

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