25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys That Are Bursting with Life

Flower names that fit for boys are a rare find, but there are some truly handsome options. Floral names have long been popular for baby girls, but nature-loving parents are driving the trend for boys as well. These names might not be as apparent as other nature names like Fox or Sky, but they do have flowery roots. You’ll also find some of these names aren’t as popular in the US as they are in Europe and beyond.

We love flowers. Who doesn’t? So, we decided to take a deep dive into floral names or flower-adjacent names to help bring a bit of bloom to your little one’s name. Now, some of these baby names are going to be “too out there” for some parents and if you find yourself attracted to one, but think it might be over-the-top, consider it as a middle name. Here are 25 baby names for boys inspired by flowers.

25. Florian

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Florian is a handsome name for boys that takes its root from the Latin flos which means flower. While the name has enjoyed broad popularity in the US, it’s a favorite in Europe where you’ll also find its other forms: Fiore, Florent, and Florin.

24. Betony

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

We are fully aware that this name is very close to Bethany, but Betony benefits from having the “Tony” ending. This name also belongs to a wildflower. We love the name Betony and hope parents start to use it more often.

23. Calix

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Calix is a rising name for boys. It benefits from having the cool-sounding “Cal” and also sounding similar to the popular name Alex. Calyx is a botanical term for the cup of a flower. This is one of our favorite names on the list and it’s easy to see why it’s getting traction.

22. Campion

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Campion wildflowers are beloved for their pink or red petals. This name sounds so close to “champion” that it would, no doubt, be a winner for a baby boy. The name has both English and French origins and we think it’s got universal appeal.

21. Forest

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

A classic nature name, Forest has endless possibilities and connotes adventure. We love this name and the woodlands it represents.

20. Glenn

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Glenn is a fabulous gender-neutral name that has Scottish origins and means “wooded valley.” Wouldn’t you love a name that conjures leisurely walks and picking wildflowers?

19. Hawthorn

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Another topographic name, Hawthorn was traditionally used for those living near a hedge of hawthorn. Somewhat prickly, but exceedingly elegant, Hawthorn would be an excellent pick for your baby boy.

18. Heath

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

The name of a family of flowering shrubs, Heath gained popularity thanks, in part, to actor Heath Ledger. This evergreen name is a welcome alternative to a name like Keith.

17. Bud

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

A wholly American invention, Bud is a name for a friend or pal. However, you can think of it differently as a flower name. Easy, breezy, and casual Bud would be surrounded by many friends, we’re sure.

16. Garland

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Garland was in the top 500 names in the US for fifty years before it slowly fell off the charts in 1985. It’s a solid name that has origins in Old English and French. It refers, of course, to a wreath of flowers.

15. Jacinto

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Jacinto is an awesome name with Spanish or Portuguese origins that refers to the hyacinth flower. Popular nicknames for Jacinto are “Chinto” or “Cinto.” We’re very much into this name.

14. Leif

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

While you can name your son Leaf, we like the touch of mystery offered by Leif. You still get that nature vibe, but this Scandinavian name actually means “heir” and has Norse origins.

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13. Lupin

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Lupin flowers are so-named because of the way they eat up nutrients from the soil they’re planted in. Lupin has Latin origins and means “wolf-like.” For a name that’s tough, yet soft, go with Lupin.

12. Oleander

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Oleander might not be the first name that pops into mind and we totally get that! But, the name is similar to both Oliver and Alexander and offers a compromise between the two. Of course, this name refers to the flowering tree (or shrub).

11. Ren

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Japanese baby names are so fresh and make for excellent options for parents who want to think outside the box. Ren means “water lily” and it is currently trending. We think this name is wonderful!

10. Rosen

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Rosen Plevneliev was the former president of Bulgaria and he has a very flowery name. Rosen means “dittany” to Bulgarians but to Germans, the name means “roses.”

9. Senna

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Senna is a genus of flowering plants from the legume family. Senna is a very popular name in the Netherlands these days but hasn’t made its way to the US yet.

8. Basil

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Basil shares the same root as basilica and basilisk. The Greek name means “kingly.” For our purposes, we like to think of the refreshing, peppery herb of the same name.

7. Sorrel

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

An edible herb with reddish-purple flowers, sorrels have a delicious name. Sorrel is a popular choice for girls in France, but we think it has the potential to crossover for boys. The name means “reddish.”

6. Zephyr

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Zephyr lilies get their name because they only bloom after heavy rainfall. In Greek mythology, Zephyr was the god of the west wind that would blow in storms. The name means “west wind.”

5. Reed

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

The name Reed has English origins and is associated with boys with red hair. Reeds, of course, are the grassy plant that are often found growing near marshes.

4. Sage

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

The name Sage means “prophet” or refers to the delicious herb. The plant has been beloved for centuries for its healing properties.

3. Zahur

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

The name Zahur is Egyptian and Arabic. It means “flower.” Zahur offers the coolness of other z-names but with a wonderful, soft meaning.

2. Asciano

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys

Aciano and Asciano are preferred baby boy names in Europe. The name refers to the “blue corn flower” or “blue bottle flower” and we think it sounds very elegant. The name has Spanish origins and would be an excellent choice.

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1. Aletris

25 Fine Flower Baby Names for Boys That Are Bursting with Life | Are you a nature-lover? Check out these 25 names inspired by flowers for your baby boy.

A medicinal plant known as “unicorn root” because of the horn-like appearance of its long stems of white flowers, Aletris is a handsome name. It shares the common Al-beginning of so many other favorites like Alex and Allister but offers a wonderful, unique, floral meaning.

There you go! 25 flower names for your baby boy. We hope these names inspired you to consider monikers that are found a bit off the beaten path. Be bold! Be brave! Name your son for a flower!

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