‘Moms Are the New Mall Kiosk Salespeople’ and 16 Other Funny Parenting Tweets

The world of parenting is strange. At once it is draining and rewarding, hilarious and enraging. It’s a mess of contradictions. But even when it’s bad, it can still be good. These funny parenting tweets prove that, even in the worst of times, humor saves the day. It also reminds us that we aren’t going through this alone, which is an easy thing to forget and an important thing to remember.

We rounded up 17 hilarious parenting tweets from the last couple of weeks from popular Twitter parents like Mommy Owl, James Breakwell, and Simon Holland. Check them out below, and let us know if you think we missed any hilarious parenting tweets by dropping a comment or a link below.

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17 Funny Parenting Tweets That Will Make You Laugh and Relate

This actually makes a ton of sense.

A family vacation isn’t really a vacation…

Locking doors are truly the greatest invention the world has ever known.

No room in the mom-brain for “wisdom”…

Arguing with kids isn’t as easy as you’d think.

An easy out.

The kid’s got a point; they do sound kind of similar.

A Fall fantasy.

The world’s most complicated math problem.

More of that last thing than the first two, to be perfectly honest…

Never thought about it that way, but, yes, this is accurate.

Autumn with the family be like…

Being a parent often feels physically impossible.

The category is ‘funny parenting tweets that are more truthful than funny’…

Nailed it!

Unofficial parenting taglines.

So why even bother?

See? None of us are in this alone! Come back for more funny parenting tweets!

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