10 Hilarious Quarantine Activity Fails That Will Make You Say ‘At Least You Tried’

Did someone order up some funny quarantine activity fails?

Long summer days and camp closures have us all scrambling to come up with ways to pass the time. One can only tell Netflix, “Yes, we’re still watching” so many times, so parents have been doing their best to come up with creative activities for their kiddos.

While these ambitious activities often create sweet memories, they can also end up being complete disasters. Thankfully, many brave parents are willing to share their quarantine activity fails on Instagram, hilariously documenting the hours spent cleaning slime, flour, and paint off of every surface. Whether or not you’ve been brave enough to try these activities out in your home, we hope these fails will make you feel a little less alone.

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10 Hilarious Kid Quarantine Activity Fails That We Can’t Stop Laughing At

Ball Pit of Despair

Major credit for the creative idea, but this baby simply was not having it. At least it made for an adorable photo opp.

Dough Disappointment

It’s important to remember that sometimes ambitious projects don’t go exactly as expected, but they can still be fun learning opportunities. This mama made the most of her salt dough “fail.”

30 Seconds of Fun, 30 Minutes of Clean-Up

You know that feeling when you put soooo much time and effort into setting up an activity for the little ones, only to have it fully rejected. This mom created impressive ocean and farm scenes and her kiddo was only interested in eating the Cheerios. Ouch.

Baby Canvas

As this mom says, “Toddlers do nothing you want them to do. Ever.” We’re sure that paint was a blast to clean out of those baby locks.

You Get What You Pay For

Learning lesson: you get what you pay for. Let it be known that $5 kinetic sand is a bust.

Dino Swamp Fail

Turns out this toddler did not like the feeling of her hands in slime, which really blows the whole plan. We applaud your effort, mama.

Bug Scaries

Imagine the frustration of creating a fun “digging for bugs” activity, only to learn your child is too afraid of bugs to participate.

Messes For Days

The kids look like they’re having an absolute blast, so maybe cleaning up shaving cream for the next month will be worth it? Maybe.

Merry Christmas?

Ummm we see that this was intended to be festive holiday decor, but the results aren’t exactly what was expected.

Let It Snow

This curious kiddo managed to make it snow all over the inside of his house. Now mom is off to snow blow the entire kitchen.

Project Blues

Look at that face! This broken earth is breaking our hearts.


There is definitely more paint on the baby than the paper. It looks like it’s clean up time for this work of art.

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