25 Funny Parenting Memes by ‘Dad to the Bone’ That Really *Get* The Annoying Lives We Lead

One small silver lining of 2020? The memes have been better than ever! Between school closures, summer quarantine, and nonstop family time, we could all use a good laugh to get us through. So cue up some funny parenting memes!

We are huge fans of “Dad to the Bone” and his hilarious collection of memes. Thanks to his dedication to curating the perfect Instagram content, we can find ourselves doing a deep dive on his page. If you’re in need of some LOLs right about now, enjoy these 25 hilarious memes from this funny dad.

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25 Funny Parenting Memes by ‘Dad to the Bone’ That Really Sum Up The Annoying Parts of Being a Mom or Dad

Our Epic Journey

Well, I guess we live here now.

I Need Space

What is personal space and how do we get it again?

Never Alone

That feeling when you thought you locked the door….

Please Just No

We are all just trying to recover from our Zoom school PTSD.

It’s a Girl!

There will be no mistaking this little lady.

Operation Sneaky Veggies

If they ever find out what’s really in that pizza crust, we’re through.

Mom Flex

If you like Aiden’s mom so much, maybe you should go destroy her clean house.

Classic Bedtime Stories

And the parents lived happily ever after.

Never Fails

They always get you when you’re at your most weak and vulnerable.

Picky Eaters Beware

Who exactly am I trying to impress? Here is your cereal.

What Did I Say?

Thank goodness we bought all of that hand sanitizer.

A Well-Balanced Meal

Follow for more nutritious tips and healthy lifestyle hacks.

Impossible Task

Exactly how much sugar did they have today?

Expectation Vs. Reality

Ya’ll have got to stop testing me! How am I ever going to live up to my impossible expectations?

Glitter Fairy

Thanks to your creativity, there will be glitter in this rug for the rest of our lives.

Cause for Celebration

The sun is shining and we are free as birds!

Couch Creatures

Ten minutes later, we’re both fast asleep and snoring.

Double-Dare You

Don’t poke the bear, kids.

Making Sweet Memories

This fun family baking project has become complete chaos. Thanks, Pinterest.

Do You Know Who I Am?

I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.

Thanks So Much, Pinterest

File this one under our parenting fails, please.

Say…. Awkward!

We go over this every time, so I guess I just need to accept that this is just your photo face.

Oh Baby

She has her father’s hairline.

You Asked For It, Buddy

We can’t be the only ones that find this hilarious, right?

Should’ve Gone With Velcro

Our hands are starting to sweat just thinking about this moment.

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