12 Funny Voting Memes That Almost Make the 2020 Election Season Seem Bearable

This election has been… long. And it’s not over yet. But it will be soon, and we think we can make it to the finish line thanks to these voting memes.

With the election only a few weeks away, everyone is — or should be! — figuring out their voting plan. The months and weeks leading up to the election have been stressful, to say the least, so it’s important to find joy and laughter whenever possible. Ahead of election day, we’ve found our favorite funny voting moments. 

Give yourself a BIG pat on the back for voting!

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12 Funny Voting Memes Perfect for the 2020 Election

The ‘I Voted’ Attitude

Actually, you can tone it down a bit. 

Just do it. 


This election is next level. 

We can do this. 

Make sure your ballot counts no matter what. 

(Pretty impressed with this guy’s balancing skills, tbh). 

No trust for the Zuck.

I’m registered and ready! 

Even though the race has been um, difficult, at some points. 

Still super important to vote no matter what. 

Works like a charm. 

I knew all those hours on Facebook would one day be productive. 

Is this our future? 

(Just another reason why it’s important to vote!) 

Reminder: You can always get hot wings AFTER you vote. 

Trust us, they’ll be there. 

Only check the news at the end of election day. 

Otherwise, things get WAY too confusing. 

Don’t be option A or B. 

Always be C. 


They’re very, very different, but they are both white and old. 

We take voting very seriously, but sometimes you just need to laugh at how crazy it all is. So, enjoying laughing about it for a bit and then make a plan to vote. 

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