Gordon Ramsay And Wife Tana Make Big Time Announcement: ‘I’m Going To Be The Oldest Dad At School’

Two years after telling the Daily Mail that he and his wife were thinking about having a sixth child, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had some big news to share with the world on November 11.

Ramsay took to Instagram to share some surprising news with his fans, he and his wife Tana welcomed their sixth child into the world. “What an amazing birthday present please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, 7lbs 10oz whopper!! One more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade!! 3 boys, 3 girls…. Done,” the chef captioned the photo.

Several of Ramsay very famous friends, including Hugh Jackman, offered their congratulations in the comments section. Beautiful!

Reported on October 10, 2021: Gordon Ramsay, 54, shared how both he and his wife Tana have been talking about having a sixth child.

“She’s not pregnant, but we are contemplating,” Ramsay told the Daily Mail, after joking that Tana, 47, is “four months pregnant.”

“We discussed having another baby. I said it was a great idea,” Ramsay recalled.

“She said: ‘Well, let’s start planning.’ So I’m like: ‘Oh my god, just pause for two seconds. I’m going to be the oldest dad at school, what’s going to happen on sports day?’ “

“But it’s something we’d still consider, because it’s been such a joy spending time with Oscar. Just watching his first walks on the beach at Daymer Bay. Watching his first little mouthfuls of food. It has kept us super-active and made us better parents.”

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“You walk on the beach and there’s Oscar on Jack’s shoulders and someone says: ‘How old is your son?’ Jack freaks out and says: ‘No, this is my little brother. There’s the dad’ They see me and they’re like: ‘Oh s––.’ That’s funny, though. I can take that stuff, don’t worry.’

And Tana is not ready to give up on the dream of another baby. “Oh my gosh. Never say never,” she said. “I think I’ll want kids forever, but in all honesty, I’m just enjoying what we have and I don’t think it would be right to push my luck, because we are so blessed.”

The pair, who married in 1996, share kids Megan, 23, Holly, 21, Jack, 21, Tilly, 19, and 2½-year-old Oscar. In 2016, the two suffered the loss of a pregnancy at five months along in 2016. They named their unborn son Rocky.

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Tana has gushed over Gordon for supporting her during the devastating loss. “Gordon was amazing, and he’s always been one to talk about everything and he was very good at sort of talking it out of me and never making me feel that, ‘Oh, you know, maybe we shouldn’t talk about it,'” she said last November to U.K. outlet Metro.

Both Gordon and Tana have savored their family time while quarantined together amid the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing it has brought the couple together even more so.

“The bond has felt like cramming 10 vacations all at once, handed on a plate, and garnished with parsley,” he divulged to PEOPLE in December.

“We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve fallen in love, we’ve fallen out of love, and we came out of it so much stronger together. There’s a level of closeness like we’ve never had before.”

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