This Grandma’s Reaction to Learning Her Daughter Kept Her Grandson’s Umbilical Cord Is Something You Have to See

When it comes to the birth of our children, there are a lot of ways you can tangibly remember that remarkable day. But be careful with the option you choose because grandma may not be too keen!

Many people tattoo their child’s footprint on them, they capture the moment on video, and some people take an even more personal approach to remembering the birth of their child.

This Grandma’s Reaction to Learning Her Daughter Kept Her Grandson’s Umbilical Cord Is Something You Have to See

For example, some people choose to save and even ingest their placenta and others save their umbilical cord! In this particular instance, editor, author, and host Elaine Welteroth made the decision to keep her umbilical cord following the birth of her first child.

Welteroth kept the umbilical cord in the shape of a heart while wrapped in a ziplock baggy in the fridge. The issue with that is that she didn’t notify her mom about it first.

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And as the hilarious video Welteroth shared on her Instagram page showed, her mom was making lunch for her family at Welteroth’s house and nearly mistook the umbilical cord for a rotting onion. We aren’t kidding.

As the video revealed, Welteroth’s husband shared the hilarious story with his wife, telling her exactly what his mother-in-law said when she found it. The video later shows grandma’s disturbed reaction to finding the umbilical cord in the refrigerator.


“Boy, you better put that somewhere safer than the kitchen,” she said to her son-in-law while standing as far away from it as possible. “Go away.”

At this point, Welteroth’s husband was enjoying toying with his mom-in-law, telling her, “it’s beautiful. It’s from your daughter. This is your grandson and daughter’s connection.”

Her only response was, “Jesus, get that out of the kitchen, young man!”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? Let us know in the comments section below!

Welteroth first welcomed her son into the world three months ago and she’s been sharing the journey ever since! And we love it!

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