Gwendlyn Brown, Daughter of ‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown, Believes Her Father Was Leading Meri Brown On Towards the End of Their Relationship

As the Kody Brown fallout continues, one of his daughters – Gwendlyn Brown – is taking to YouTube to share reactions from some of the most recent episodes of Sister Wives. On February 18th, she released her reaction to Season 17, Episode 9, and she didn’t hold back on her father’s treatment of Meri Brown.

Meri was Kody’s first wife – the couple tied the knot in 1990 and were legally married until 2014. At that time, the couple legally divorced so he could legally marry Robyn Brown in an effort to adopt her children. Despite the divorce, Meri and Kody remained spiritually married – along with his other two wives. 

Gwendlyn Brown, Daughter of ‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown, Believes Her Father Was Leading Meri Brown On Towards the End of Their Relationship

Tension continued to grow between the two, but Meri stayed in the plural marriage with hopes of one day reconciling with Kody. Behind the scenes and during confessionals, Kody repeatedly announced his desire not to be in a relationship with her. Unfortunately, he wasn’t exactly straightforward with Meri.

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Now that Gwendlyn Brown is seeing that miscommunication unfold throughout Season 17, she believes her father was ‘just leading her on at this point’ – speaking about Episode 9. Gwendlyn expressed how ‘unfortunate’ it was to see Kody talking about how his relationship with Meri was over to the cameras. 

“[Meri] doesn’t know that. They haven’t had a conversation about it. And I think that’s what’s so important about what my mom [Christine Brown] did with him because she said, ‘We are done.’ She told him to his face that they were over and Kody hasn’t done anything,” the 21-year-old said on her YouTube channel.

She went on to call his behavior ‘manipulative’ for withholding this information from Meri and allowing her to continue believing their relationship might one day be fixed. She was disappointed that he was okay with his ‘wife’ being in a ‘loveless relationship’ with ‘false hope.’ You can watch her full reaction above. 

His confessions are ultimately what ended their relationship. Despite being together for 32 years, Meri felt no reason to remain in that marriage after hearing what Kody was saying about their relationship behind closed doors. She called it the ‘last straw,’ but added it was his decision to end the marriage – not hers.

Gwendlyn Brown Questions Her Father’s Plural Marriage

That’s not all Gwendlyn Brown said – the reaction video is more than 20 minutes long. At one point, she began to question his plural marriage and wondered how it benefits him to be married to four women at the same time – even asking herself if he considers them ‘trophies’ or if he’s actually in love with them. 

“Does he consider them his path into heaven? I don’t understand why he feels this humongous necessity to be with them still. And I’m just glad that ones that needed to get out of that situation have gotten out of that situation,” she continued – referring to the three wives (including her mother) who left the marriage. 

In 2021, Christine Brown – Gwendlyn’s mother – announced her decision to leave him and begin a new life in Utah to be closer to her children and grandchildren. In the same special that Meri announced the end of their relationship, Janelle Brown also announced she was leaving. He remains married to Robyn.

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Gwendlyn Brown is the 10th child of Kody and the fourth child of Christine. She was born in mid-October 2001 and will be turning 22 years old later this year. She recently announced that she’s bisexual and also announced her engagement to Beatriz Queiroz. We look forward to more of her reactions in the future!

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