Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Ski Crash Trial 6 Months After Her Legal Victory

Gwyneth Paltrow is opening up about what she’s calling a ‘pretty weird’ legal battle between her and Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist who accused Paltrow of colliding into him while skiing down a slope at Deer Valley Resort in Utah in 2016. She won that legal battle in March, but still thinks about it.

“That whole thing was pretty weird. I don’t know that I’ve even processed it. It was something I felt like I survived,” Paltrow said in a New York Times interview, which was published on Sept. 30. “Sometimes in my life it takes me a long time to look back and process something and understand something.”

The trial only lasted two weeks, but the incident created seven years of unwanted and unnecessary stress on both parties – especially since the jury ended up siding with Paltrow and determining that Sanderson was 100% at fault for the collision. Paltrow was awarded $1 in damages and legal fees for the victory. 

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For those who haven’t been following, Gwyneth Paltrow was involved in a collision with Terry Sanderson while skiing down a beginner-level slope in 2016. Sanderson filed a lawsuit against Paltrow and accused her of causing the accident that left him with a ‘brain injury, four broken ribs, and other serious injuries.’ 

Paltrow filed a countersuit against Sanderson one month later and accused him of causing the collision by crashing into her back. She also argued that Sanderson’s lawsuit was ‘an attempt to exploit her celebrity and wealth’ and was only seeking $1 in damages – and the cost of all legal fees pertaining to this matter. 

When he originally filed the lawsuit in 2019, Sanderson was seeking $3.1 million in damages. He was forced to change that amount when the courts said he could only seek up to $300,000 – which is what he ended up going with. Both parties had an opportunity to tell their side of the story in the two-week trial.

The courts ultimately sided with Paltrow and even went as far as saying that Sanderson was 100% at fault for the collision. She was awarded the $1 she requested and was seen leaning in and whispering something to Sanderson as she walked out of the courtroom – she allegedly said, “I wish you well.” 

Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Her Experience With Botox

Gwyneth Paltrow took to her social media to hold a brief Q&A with her fans and followers on Thursday (October 5) and it went well. The 51-year-old Iron Man actress was asked if she had ever given injectable Botox a try and she answered honestly – revealing that she has quite a love-hate relationship with Botox. 

“God yes. Both successfully and unsuccessfully I’m afraid,” she said when asked if she had done Botox before. She was also asked how she keeps her skin looking so good – which she saw as an opportunity to plug her favorite Goop products (a wellness and lifestyle brand she founded in September 2008). 

Paltrow also gave her followers some tips on how to protect their gut health – something she takes very seriously. Unfortunately, it means avoiding processed foods, gluten, cow’s dairy, and sugar, all while focusing on nutrient-dense foods. It also means limiting alcohol consumption – which she admits ‘sucks.’

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Gwyneth Paltrow has previously talked about her experience with Xeomin injections, which were recommended to her by a close friend (who also happens to be a plastic surgeon). While she considers herself a ‘more natural person,’ she liked how ‘purified’ Xeomin was – calling it the ‘cleanest version.’

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