Gwyneth Paltrow’s $120 Disposable Goop Diapers Were Designed To Make You Furious

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company, Goop, debuted their new disposable diaper, “The Diapér,” which cost $120 for a pack of 12.

Goop described the diaper on Instagram as lined “with virgin alpaca wool and fastened with amber gemstones, known for their ancient emotional-cleansing properties.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s $120 Disposable Goop Diapers Were Designed To Make You Furious

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This is not the first time Goop has debuted unique products, like the jade “vagina” egg or the candle called “This Smells Like My Vagina.” However, many believed the luxury disposable diaper seemed insensitive due to its launch amid the current baby formula shortage, and naturally, many social media users were very upset.

“Cool so $120 for 2 days worth of bathroom blowouts…” one user wrote. While another said, “Disposable but with gemstones? Has to be a joke…”

Followed by, “We have a National formula shortage but yes, alpaca lined diapers are the way. Well done. You win! How did we exist without this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

However, Paltrow says that making people furious was her exact intention believe it or not! Paltrow posted the clip to social media on Thursday, revealing that she’s very aware of how others view Goop and decided to use it against everyone for an important joke.

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“Goop launched a luxury disposable diaper at $120 for a pack of 12 and there was a lot of outrage. Good,” Paltrow said in the video. “If treating diapers like a luxury makes you mad, so should taxing them like a luxury.”

Paltrow went on to confirm that “The Diapér” was fake, and meant to bother people and draw their attention to another issue.

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The video’s caption urged people to donate to the organization Baby2Baby “to help provide diapers, formula, and other essentials to families in need.”

“Despite the absolute necessity of diapers, in 33 states, they aren’t treated as an essential item,” the caption read. “They’re taxed as a luxury good. (We priced our fictional Diapérs at $120 because that is what the diaper tax could cost families annually).”

The caption added, “Right now, many families in need are also struggling as a result of the nationwide formula shortage.”

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