In Her First Tell-All Interview, Hannah Gosselin Shares the Real Reason She Moved In With Her Dad Jon Gosselin

When it comes to the Gosselin family, they are no strangers to drama. From Jon and Kate Gosselin’s highly publicized divorce to Kate alleging she was forced to admit her son into a home for “special needs,” a lot has happened over the years.

Now, all eight of the Gosselin kids are now legal adults. Yes, you heard that correctly. It makes you feel old, doesn’t it?

And in honor of her 19th birthday, one of the sextuplets, Hannah Gosselin is opening up in her very first on-camera interview outside of her family’s ultra-popular reality TV show. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Hannah explained why she decided to live with Jon and her brother Collin, living her mom’s house and her six other siblings behind.

In Her First Tell-All Interview, Hannah Gosselin Shares the Real Reason She Moved In With Her Dad Jon Gosselin

“I’ve always been closer to my dad,” Hannah admitted while talking with Entertainment Tonight. “I just feel there was unfair treatment in my mom’s house.”

Hannah clarified that statement by saying it was Collin who suffered the brunt of that unfair treatment. “My brother Collin did take the front of it sometimes.”

Additionally, Hannah revealed that she is on speaking terms with her mom, despite moving in with Jon in 2016. On her birthday, Hannah admitted she received a message from her mom, who wished her a happy birthday and let her know she loved her.

“It was great,” Hannah said of hearing from her mom on her special day. “My relationship with my mom is pretty stable. We text each other and call each other on like an average basis.”

Throughout the interview, Jon made several comments about his relationship with his children and his ex-wife, even calling Kate “one of the most hated” people, adding that she’s “the ‘Karen.’” “I’m free,” Jon said of all his children being 18 or older.

“There is no more custody court. We’re done, it’s over, today! I call today emancipation day,” Gosselin added, before addressing Hannah who was sitting next to him, saying, “No offense, Honey. I love you.”

“It’s just a big relief,” Jon added. When asked if she wished her parents got along, Hannah said, “Oh, yes. It would be nice to, you know, stand in a room with them and not think they hate each other.”

“But they still both love me,” Hannah added. “So, it’s fine,” she added with a chuckle.

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Hannah also talked about receiving the money she made while her family was one of the most famous and recognizable families on television. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, a source told The Sun that Jon is worried about how his children will handle their newfound wealth.

In an effort to shield Hannah and Collin from a certain fate, he allegedly enrolled them into finance classes to help them prepare. The Sun claims each of the eight children will receive their money in four increments. “Twenty-five percent at age 18, 25 percent at 21, and the other half at ages 25 and 30.”

A source says Jon “has no control over the other kids and is worried whether they will use the money wisely. He is hoping they will use the money for schooling but at this point, he has no control. He just wants the best for them. Jon was so concerned about the kids he has custody of, he had them take finance classes to prepare, and luckily they both got As.”

However, it seems like Jon has nothing to worry about when it comes to Hannah, who is already prepared to put her money to good use. “I mean, I don’t know how much it is,” Hannah admits, before adding that she’s always had a plan for it.

“But I’ve always said that when I do get the money I’m gonna use it to pay for my college.” How adult of her!

Hannah added that when it comes to celebrating her birthday without the rest of her siblings, she admits that of course, she misses them. “One hundred percent,” adds.

Jon added that he’s still as alienated from his children as he was when he and Kate first separated. “I’ve already texted them,” Jon said when asked if he tried to reach out to his six other children. “I’ve never gotten a response.”

Jon also claimed that the real reason he and Kate divorced was because Kate allegedly left him for someone who worked closely with them during their reality TV show years. Jon said the network covered it up, something Kate still denies to this day.

“Tell the truth,” Jon said in his public message to Kate. “What are you hiding from?”

And if anyone is holding their breath for a potential reunion of the Gosselin family, you probably shouldn’t. While Hannah and Jon say they would be open to it, Jon saying he even tried to get it in the works, the idea was ultimately shot down by Kate and other siblings.

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