With Christmas Sooner Than You Think, Here Are the 43 Top Toys of 2020 From Amazon

With Christmas less than 60 days away, yeah you heard that right, it’s time to start thinking about what your little ones are going to wake up to under your tree this year. And if that all just sounds a little too overwhelming, we’re here to help.

Here is a list of some of the hottest toys of 2020 from Amazon. Toys so good that any one of them will get you “cool points” with your little one.

Gotta Go Flamingo

$42.50 at the time of publication

gotta go flamingo toy, here are the top toys of 2020 from amazon

Everybody poops. This is a fact of nature. Evidently, it’s also an excellent source of entertainment for kids, hence why the hottest toy for 2020 is a pooping plush animal, otherwise known as ​Gotta Go Flamingo​. We seriously can’t make this sh*t up.

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L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Fashion Doll

$34.88 at the time of publication

l.o.l surprise doll omg toy here are the top toys of 2020 from amazon

They’re back! L.O.L Surprise! Dolls are making yet another comeback this holiday season if they ever left in the first place. Here’s what we can tell you about the O.M.G. Remix Fashion Doll, she’s fashionable and comes with a ​full-size record that actually plays music through the package! How cool is that?

L.O.L. Surprise! Hair Salon Playset

$59.00 at the time of publication

l.o.l surprise hair salon

And that is far from the only L.O.L Doll that is hot this year. Along with the O.M.G. Remix Doll, the Hair Salon playset, which includes a JK Mini Fashion styling doll, is also a fan favorite. In the playset, there is a salon, a fashion closet to store all your fashions, and a bathroom one could envy. And after all of that is said and done, you can admire your creative styles in the mirror that has working vanity lights and 50+ surprises.

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Winter Chill Cabin Wooden Doll House

$249 at the time of publication

l.o.l. surprise! o.m.g. winter chill cabin wooden doll house

Surprise! Surprise! There’s more! And this chill gift is sure to have your little ones frozen with excitement. The O.M.G Winter Chill Cabin Wooden Doll House is the ultimate slay-cation with 95+ surprises for all of the L.O.L Dolls that live in your child’s toy box. Made from wood—how cool is that?—this Winter Chill Cabin has 3 stories, 6 rooms, a light-up skating sink, a working ski lift, hot tub, and back-drop that really helps you envision vacationing in the most beautiful winter wonderlands.

Dinosaur Toys Create A Dinosaur World Road Race

$26.99 at the time of publication

dinosaur toys create a dinosaur world road race

From L.O.L. Dolls to the Jurassic Era. This Dinosaur World Road Race the perfect gift for your fave Dinosaur lover. This particular set features a whopping 156 dino-tastic parts for little hands to assemble and disassemble into their own version of Jurassic World.

Baby Alive Baby Grows Up

$82.02 at the time of publication

baby alive baby grows up - amazon

“She grows, she really grows!” The newest version of the Baby Alive Doll is the ultimate baby doll because of just that! Just like any real-life baby grows, their caretaker has to nurture and care for Baby Alive in order for them to marvel at how she can grow from a newborn baby to a toddler. How amazing is that?

Mr. Potato Head Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4 Andy’s Playroom Potato Pack

$34.04 at the time of publication

mr. potato head disney/pixar toy story 4 andy's playroom potato pack - amazon

This modern spin on a classic toy for those children who are two years old or older is all the rage this year. Can’t you just picture it now? It’s days before the new year, you are using Disney+ to stream Toy Story 4 and your little ones are calmly playing with Mr. and Mrs. Potato head? Maybe that’s a dream but this bundle of 61 parts gives kids the ability to style Mr. Potato Head like Disney’s ​Toy Story 4 ​characters: Woody, Buzz, forky, Duke Caboose, Bunny, Duck, or Bo Peep. Or, kiddos can go off creating their own wacky characters. The creative possibilities are endless!

Nintendo Switch Console Animal Crossing

$499 at the time of publication

with christmas sooner than you think, here are the 43 top toys of 2020 from amazon | top toys so good that any one of them will get you "cool points" with your little one.

The Nintendo Switch may not be the newest toy on the market, but this Special Edition of it is. Now, instead of it just being a Nintendo Switch, it is decorated with your favorite Animal Crossing characters, ​Tom Nook and Nooklings Timmy and Tommy. Just precious! This gift would make the best aunt or uncle in the world.

Care Bears Grumpy Sing-a-Long Bear Plush

$12.88 at the time of publication

care bears grumpy sing-a-long bear plush

Having had multiple Care Bears growing up in the 90s, how exciting is it that we can now share these pieces of our childhoods with our own children? Knowing our emotions promotes emotional intelligence so show your child all the human emotions with Grumpy Care Bear, who can sing three songs, dance, talk, and comfort any child.

Crystal Growing Kit for Kids

$24.99 at the time of publication

crystal growing kit for kids

Need to keep your kids’ hands busy? This is a classic, fun science experiment, stem project for kids and teens. Make them grow, glow, and light up with the special stand. Better yet, they become the perfect bedroom decor so that they can enjoy their homemade crystals for years to come.

LEGO Star Wars Poe Dameron’s X-wing Fighter

$89.95 at the time of publication

lego star wars poe dameron's x-wing fighter 75273 building kit, cool construction toy

Now, this is a popular toy that will both keep your children’s hands busy and for a long time to boot. Just take a look at this missile-shooting, model of Poe Dameron’s X-wing Fighter from ​Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker​ made entirely of LEGOs. Kids can role-play as the Resistance hero figure with the R2-D2 figure by their side while taking on the Knight of Ren LEGO action figure.

Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle with Exclusive 4-inch Action Figure

$37.76 at the time of publication

batman launch and defend batmobile remote control vehicle with exclusive 4-inch action figure

Are your kids fans of superheroes? More specifically, fans of Batman? This Launch and Defend Batmobile RC remote control vehicle includes an exclusive 4-inch Batman action figure that you can launch right out of the cockpit! It’s one of the coolest new gifts for kids this year.

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set

$45.38 at the time of publication

hot wheels criss cross crash motorized track set

Are the classic Hot Wheels all the rage in your house? Add to the fun with this action-packed track set that includes 4 intersecting track “crash zones.” The track set has over 16 feet of tracks with hairpin turns, motorized boosters, and endless loops ideal for racing all of your Hot Wheels cars and friends.

BeebeeRun Remote Control Dinosaur

$40.01 at the time of publication

beebeerun remote control dinosaur toy- amazon

This flaming, red-hot dinosaur toy can roar, spray like-fire, shake its head, flap its wings, and make its eyes glow. The best part is that kids have complete control over how the dinosaur with its included remote control.

Baby Mushroom Ultimate Slime Kit

$19.97 at the time of publication

baby mushroom ultimate slime kit

Need something slime-y to stuff the stockings with this year? This cool Ultimate DIY Slim Kit features 10+ recipes and experiments for hours of fun for kids—and parents too!

Baby Born Surprise Blooming Babies

$12.99 at the time of publication

baby born surprise blooming babies

This is another doll that offers a lot of surprises, but it’s not a L.O.L Doll. These BABY Born Surprise Blooming Babies unravel a bundle of fun surprises. ​Each baby is swaddled in a soft, sewn blanket with a surprise design theme like a beautiful flower or a cute genie. Use a little water to wake the baby up and reveal the baby’s eye color. Unwrap the swaddle to uncover the baby’s hairstyle. It can even go to the bathroom and the diaper changes colors to let you know. The fun never seems to end with this BABY Born Surprise, which is being hailed as one of the cutest gifts for kids!

Disney Sketchy Tales Board Game

$19.99 at the time of publication

disney sketchy tales board game

Does your child love to draw, laugh, have fun, but more importantly love all things Disney? While this unique game is recommended for kids ages 8 and up, this memorable Disney game will bond kids with fun times. ​From silly drawings to ridiculous guesses, it’s been compared to the game of ‘Telephone’, where players guess and re-sketch your sketch as it’s passed around the group. How fun does that sound?

Organic Farm Buddies Plush Toy

$16.95 at the time of publication

organic farm buddies plush toy

This Organic Farm Buddies Plush Toy is made of hypoallergenic, 100% natural corn fiber filling and is free of harmful chemicals making it the perfect cuddly stuffed doll for your baby. Not to mention, you can purchase it in the form of a Boxer Dog, a Chef Cow, or a Belle Cow. How cute?

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch for Kids

$48.44 at the time of publication

little tikes tobi robot smartwatch for kids

Selfies, games, fitness, and video, this full-functioning smartwatch does all of it! On top of all that, it’s educational as well and can help kids learn how to set time. Parents can also set reminders on it so that their children never forget anything important. This modern, cool toy for kids can make for a great stocking stuffer, as well.

Little Tikes First Washer-Dryer

$49.99 at the time of publication

little tikes first washer-dryer

Need a perfect addition to that play kitchen in your children’s playroom, why not this Little Tikes First Washer-Dryer. With its realistic look, sound, and function, this washer-dryer playset will offer hours of fun and giggles…and inspire some real-life skills.

Little Tikes First Oven

$45.00 at the time of publication

little tikes first oven realistic pretend play appliance for kids

Does your child not have a play kitchen yet? Have no fear, but Little Tikes has a matching oven to go with their washer and dryer set. Kids will light up with joy when they unwrap this interactive gift, which includes over 10 accessories that will keep kids entertained for hours with this one.

Little Tikes First Sink & Stove

$22.99 at the time of publication

little tikes first sink & stove realistic pretend play appliance for kids

And that means the only thing missing is a sink! So don’t hesitate to complete your kids’ pretend play set with this sink that also has a few more stove burners attached to it. It’s the perfect excuse to teach your kid responsibility and how to cook your favorite meals while enjoying hours of pretend play.

Little Tikes Rescue Tales Toy

$14.88 at the time of publication

little tikes rescue tales cuddly pup soft plush pet toy - amazon

For those with tots three years and older, this Cuddly Pup stays warm after you microwave his pouch for more than 20 minutes. Each Cuddly Pup has a wipe-away teardrop in its eye and will comfort your little one day or night.

Little Tikes Rescue Tales Scrub ‘n Groom Bathtub Playset

$29.82 at the time of publication

little tikes rescue tales scrub 'n groom bathtub playset w/ plush pet toy

Are your little ones begging for a pet this holiday season but you’re not quite sure they are ready for all the responsibility? Well, the Little Tikes Rescue Tales Scrub ‘n Groom Bathtub Playset can really help you gauge that. With this unique toy, kids can bathe their adorable plush pup with a bathtub that really works. And no need to worry about getting the included water-safe, plush pup wet because that is what it is made for. Your kiddo’s new furry BFF will dry in minutes its ultra-soft, snuggle-worthy fur will be ready for just that, snuggles!

Little Tikes Cozy Pumper

$25.99 at the time of publication

little tikes cozy pumper

The perfect addition to ​any Little Tikes ride-on toy is this Little Tikes Cozy Pumper. ​This pumper comes with a hose, credit card, and ​three weather-proof electronic fuel buttons that make six fun sounds! Let’s just call this essential because how else if your little one supposed to run all those errands without gas!

GUND Animated My Pet Puddles Toy

$40.00 at the time of publication

gund animated my pet puddles puppy plush stuffed animal dog sound and movement toy

This may look like just a stereotypical stuffed animal shaped like a dog, but it’s far more than that. This GUND Animated My Pet Puddles Puppy Plush Stuffed Animal Dog is an adorable, interactive, plush puppy that will snuggle you back. Tap his nose for an extra cute surprise! You’ll just have to buy it (or head to the Amazon link to see what that surprise is).

GUND Kai Tie Dye

$29.99 at the time of publication

gund kai tie dye

Need a simple gift for the youngest members of your family? This adorable a super soft, snuggle-friendly plush tie-dye bear could be that perfect addition to make the gift just right.

GUND Baby Tinkle Crinkle & Friends Arch Activity Gym Playmat

$89.00 at the time of publication

gund baby tinkle crinkle & friends arch activity gym playmat sensory stimulating plush

This all-in-one​, 8-piece activity PLUSH playmat by GUND includes a premium, super plush playmat to lay or sit your young child on along with arches, 5 multi-sensory toys, a “fluffy tummy-time cloud,” and baby safe mirror. And this isn’t just the best toy to get for a child up to two years old , it’s also an easy two-minute set up!? Can anyone say #ParentGoals?

GUND Elmo Bedtime with Light-Up Flashlight

$32.79 at the time of publication

gund elmo bedtime with light-up flashlight

This Bedtime Elmo by GUND will help keep your little one feeling ultra protected all night long. Elmo is an ultra-soft-machine washable plush that wears polka dot pajamas and comes equipped with a flashlight that will act as the perfect night light.

Orian Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

$49.99 at the time of publication

orian princess castle playhouse tent

We wouldn’t be surprised if you told us that you’ve built quite a few living room forts while in quarantine for much of this year. So why not spice up those indoor camping vibes with this gorgeous tent for your princes and princesses! The lights and hard-wearing fabric material can withstand all the wear and tear little kiddos have the ability to put it through while playing in this incredible Orian Princess Castle Playhouse Tent.

My First Crayola Touch Lights

$22.32 at the time of publication

with christmas sooner than you think, here are the 43 top toys of 2020 from amazon | top toys so good that any one of them will get you "cool points" with your little one.

Foster a love for the arts with this toddler doodle board! It comes with touch lights with 6 songs, 12 light colors, and instructions. Mess-Free Touch-Lights is less of a headache than finger painting and way more fun because of all of the lights and ways a child can interact with it. It’s like having magic at your fingertips.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Game and Pizza Party Gift Set

$21.44 at the time of publication

fisher-price laugh and learn game and pizza party gift set

Pizza and learning should ALWAYS go together. And now it can with this Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Game and PIzza Party Set. Your toddler will have so much fun with this pizza-inspired toy that will also help strengthen motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and will teach them how to count and about shapes and colors!

Baby Rattle Sets Teether Rattles Toys

$18.99 at the time of publication

baby rattle sets teether rattles toys

This 8 piece, baby grab-shake-and-spin rattle toy is a classic with a twist, yet still the best toy for your newborn baby who is still experiencing all of the new things.

Wild Republic Jumbo Wolf Plush, Giant Stuffed Animal

$41.96 at the time of publication

wild republic jumbo wolf plush, giant stuffed animal

This Wild Republic Jumbo Wolf Plush, Giant Stuffed Animal is 30 inches of ​realistic fur which makes it one of the more lifelike stuffed animals, while still being super snuggly. Its high quality will last even the most rambunctious toddlers, as it is made to “survive endless play time.”

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

$26.95 at the time of publication

fat brain toys tobbles neo

The modern design on this toy will allow your 2-year-old toddler to balance, nest, spin, and stack! This toy is ideal for busy, handsy, curious kids who need to stay busy.

Summer 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island Positioner, Booster and Activity Seat

$44.98 at the time of publication

summer 3-stage superseat deluxe giggles island positioner, booster and activity seat

Give your toddler the tropical vacation you were supposed to take this past summer. This island-inspired Summer 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island Positioner, Booster, and Activity seat has a ​super soft foam support seat with a 360-degree rotating tray. A variety of activities installed on the tray will keep your baby engaged so you can have the 30-minute break you deserve.

Blippi Bendable Plush Doll

$14.84 at the time of publication

blippi bendable plush doll

Blippi is all the rage these days, so this is sure to be a hit if found under the tree this year. Tall Blippi teaches babies, toddlers, and young kids when you squeeze his belly. This fun and educational doll is the perfect friend for your little explorer.

Blippi Recycling Truck

$22.99 at the time of publication

blippi recycling truck

Raising environmentally conscious children is crucial in 2020! This trendy children’s toy includes​ a Blippi character action figure, a working lever, two trash cubes, and two recycling bins. Of course, Blippi’s action figure can also sing-along and repeats his popular catchphrases.

Fisher-Price Disney Frozen Arendelle Winter Wonderland by Little People

$15.99 at the time of publication

fisher-price disney frozen arendelle winter wonderland by little people you-amazon

Some things never change and one of those things is that any kid will love any ​Frozen-​themed gift in 2020! This trendy and oh-so-cute winter wonderland comes with Anna and Elsa figurines that can​ glide and twirl around the playset in a realistic ice skating motion. We hope children never Let It Go when it comes to the magical world of all things Frozen.

Skip Hop Farmstand Cactus Jitter Stroller Toy

$9.99 at the time of publication

skip hop farmstand cactus jitter stroller toy

The other babies will be so jelly of your babe’s new trendy, super-plush Cactus Jitter. Pull the ring and the cactus vibrates, entertaining your baby as they tag along with you on errands.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy

$39.99 at the time of publication

baby einstein sea dreams soother musical crib toy

This remote control baby machine has ​25 minutes of captivating light effects and sounds. The best part is you won’t have to worry too much as it most crib rails and has a guarantee that it will help your baby or toddler fall fast-asleep while under the sea!

Baby Banana – Magical Unicorn Toothbrush, Training Teether Toothbrush

$13.99 at the time of publication

baby banana - magical unicorn toothbrush , training teether toothbrush

Teaching a child how to brush their teeth can be difficult, but this training toothbrush could just be what you need. And it is the best stocker stuffer for your baby or toddler. And if unicorns aren’t your thing, they are also available in the form of a shark, a stalk of corn, a banana, and an octopus. It will make teeth cleaning your kids favorite part of their bathing routine.

Green Toys Dump Truck

$24.99 at the time of publication

green toys dump truck -pink/purple

Move aside gender roles! The toy dump truck is the perfect gift for your children. And ideal for children who like outdoor play. And we must say, we love the colors!

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So there you have it! A complete list of the hottest toys to come out in 2020. We hope that it will make Christmas shopping for your favorite little ones so much easier! Happy Holidays!

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