Hikers Discover Items Near Where Brian Laundrie’s Body Was Found, One of the Items Can Be Seen In Gabby Petito’s YouTube Video

Hikers who have been scoping out the area where Brian Laundrie’s remains and personal items were found are revealing a discovery that reportedly has been left behind. According to Fox News, this group of hikers discovered bone fragments and a water bottle they believed they saw before on October 24.

During an interview with Fox News, they alerted law enforcement to their findings. And while the police collected the bone fragments, the water bottle was allegedly left behind.

hikers discover items near where brian laundrie’s body was found, one of the items can be seen in gabby petito’s youtube video

Hikers Discover Items Near Where Brian Laundrie’s Body Was Found

According to the report, police couldn’t determine if the bone fragments were human or animal. As a result, they collect the fragments to have them tested.

However, the decision not to collect the green Nalgene water bottle seemed to rub the hikers the wrong way. At the moment, the police determined that none of the items found by the hikers on Sunday were tied to the ongoing investigation involving the deaths of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.

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Nonetheless, after discovering the water bottle, the hikers referred to the only video posted on Gabby Petito’s Nomadic Statik YouTube page. During the 7th minute of that YouTube video, viewers get a clear look at the inside of the white Ford van Petito and Laundrie were traveling in at the time.

Viewers can also see a green Nalgene water bottle with stickers on it. The water bottle is almost identical to the one hikers found while roaming around Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.

hikers discover items near where brian laundrie’s body was found, one of the items can be seen in gabby petito’s youtube video

What remains unclear is, while millions of Nalgene water bottles have been sold and purchased over the years, the designs on the water bottle could be unique. It’s unclear if Nalgene sold a water bottle with these designs on it in the past or if the designs are stickers added by Brian or Gabby in the past if the bottle in fact belonged to them.

“I feel it was very negligent, it was irresponsible,” a well-known TikTok user, Olivia, told Fox News. “They were more interested in the bones – but they knew they were animal bones.” Another hiker shared Olivia’s sentiments as well.

“It looks like hers,” he said. “We have a picture that’s from before she left for her trip. It looks like that bottle. I don’t know why it would be left there.”

What’s next in this investigation is now unclear. Among the personal items discovered near Brian Laundrie’s remains was a notebook. 

His parents’ lawyer says they do not know what could be written in that notebook and it is still unclear if the notebook is still legible considering the area where it was found was underwater. It’s also unclear if officials will be able to determine Laundrie’s cause of death.

On top of that, Chris and Roberta Laundrie have revealed that they will cremate their son and have chosen not to have a memorial service for him.

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