These Hilarious Parenting Memes Will Make You Say, ‘Yes, This Is Exactly My Life’

Let’s be honest: We’ve all had days with our kids that leave us feeling a slew of things, including, but certainly not limited to, “whyyyyyyyyyy though?!,” “I swear I just cleaned that!,” “Hmmm, maybe if I say the park is closed, we can get out of going.” Now, that’s not to say that time with your lovely offspring doesn’t fill your heart with immense joy, it’s just that some moments or days are a bit tougher than others. During those moments, we’re very thankful for hilarious parenting memes that point out just how ridiculous (and wonderful) parenting a small human can be.

We recommend you keep these entertaining memes in mind as you’re planning your kids’ summer vacations. Because we know that even though summer is all about “relaxing,” it also means planning approximately one million activities per child and sometimes it’s important just to laugh at the craziness of it all.

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Because you will most likely never understand what, exactly, caused your toddler to totally lose their mind. 

This is an important lesson to teach your children from a very young age.

Here’s a terrifying thought: One day, you’ll children will be old enough to question everything you’re doing. 

For all the parents whose children are awake before 5 a.m. 

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So tired. Go follow @realtoughdad

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Now that we have kids, we understand our own parents much, much better. 

Hard summer truths: Vacations can be slightly less relaxing when small children are involved. 

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Livin’ the dream

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Why is it that kids always assume you’re basically an octopus and can carry all the things?

But even after all the craziness, you’re sad to see them go to sleep. 

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