Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma Win the Holiday Season With Their Hilarious Christmas Card – Featuring Their Adorable Children

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma are ringing in the holiday season with a family Christmas card like you’ve never seen before. She shared a photo of the card on her Instagram with the caption ‘Happy Holidays!’ and it shows the true reality of preparing for the holiday festivities with three children running around. 

The card has a red and white checkered background with the family photo centered in the middle. Duff and Koma have their mouths taped shut and are tied to a chair with Christmas lights. Two of the children are obvious culprits – Luca was holding the Christmas lights and Banks was holding the duct tape. 

As for Mae, the youngest child, she was in the corner of the photo indulging in a delicious-looking cupcake with frosting all over her face. The card read ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘All Is Not Calm,’ while the envelope read ‘A Duff Some Bairs and a Comrie’ – easily one of the best Christmas cards of all-time.

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Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma started dating in January 2017, though they’ve known each other for several years up to that point. They eventually had their first child – a daughter, Banks – in October 2018, before getting engaged and married in 2019. Their second daughter – Mae – was born in March 2021.

In addition to her two daughters with Koma, Duff shares a 10-year-old son named Luca with former NHL player, Mike Comrie. The two started dating in 2007 and got married in 2010 before giving birth to Luca in March 2012. The former couple amicably separated in 2014 and their divorce was finalized in 2016. 

The message on the envelope for the 2022 Christmas card (“A Duff Some Bairs and a Comrie”) refers to her family – Hilary is ‘A Duff,’ her husband and two daughters are ‘Some Bairs,’ and Luca is ‘a Comrie.’ Adding to the context, Matthew Koma’s real name is Matthew Bair – he’s known professionally as Koma.

Many people took to the comments section on Instagram to praise the couple for their Christmas card – including several comments from people who actually received the card. “I’ve been wanting to ask you if I could post the card lol,” said Kara Elkin. Another person thought it was a new holiday album cover. 

Hilary Duff Stays Candid About Marriage and Parenthood

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma recently celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary on December 21, 2022 and they couldn’t be happier about the life they’re building with one another. A lot has changed for the couple over the past few years, but they wouldn’t change anything about how those years went. 

“I don’t know if you knew what you were getting into or that you weren’t going to sleep or sit down for the next 5-10 years but I think for the most part you’re pretty happy about it. Our life is so full and I’m over the top grateful for the guy that I got to do all this madness with,” she wrote in an Instagram tribute to her beau.

Back in 2020, Hilary Duff wrote an essay that was published on Refinery29. In the essay, she writes about the many joys and shortcomings of being a parent to three children. She was candid, as she always is, and her words are highly relatable to anyone else experiencing the highs and lows of parenthood. 

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“I love my kids more than anything. I cannot imagine not being a parent. But I don’t always like them. I’m constantly cleaning up after them and they’re both always running in two separate directions and it’s absolutely exhausting. It’s also the best, most rewarding thing,” she wrote in the essay.

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