Actress Hilary Duff Admits She Felt ‘Guilt’ About Having a Second Child Because It Was Her and Her Son For So Long

Hilary Duff is the mom of two wonderful children. She’s also happily married to lead singer Matthew Koma.

But in a recent interview, Duff admitted that she felt guilty when she got pregnant with her second child, daughter Banks, because she and her 7-year-old son, Luca Cruz, had been a duo for such a long time.

Hilary Duff Admits She Felt ‘Guilt’ Before Her Second Child Bank Was Born

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While talking with PureWow, the mom of two said, “The guilt that I felt for bringing her into the world was so big.” Duff continued, “It was just he and I for so long that he was like, ‘Why? Why, Mom? Why would you do this? I really just love the way it is.’ And it wasn’t bratty, it was just so sad.”

When she was first pregnant, Duff admitted to feeling overwhelmed about bringing another person into the family unit. “I was like, ‘How do I reverse this?! It’s too late now.’ the star admitted to thinking during her pregnancy. “It’s such big feelings. When you’re pregnant, everything just feels more magnified.”

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Honestly, Luca deserves a gold medal

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However, once her daughter was born, the proud mom had no doubt that things would be OK between the new siblings and their family. “He came in after I had her. I was just holding her, and the look on his face was an absolute shock.” Luca had fell in love.

“He just said, ‘That’s my sister!’ And he had to sneeze, so he ran out of the room and was like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ He let out this huge sneeze in the hallway and said, ‘I had to sneeze and I knew I couldn’t do it in here near her.’”

Duff admitted she knew, right then, that everything was going to work out. Now, nearly a year and a half later, the brother and sister are doing great. “It’s the best. It’s a chemical reaction between siblings sometimes where he knows he has to protect her.”

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Truly sad this day went by so quickly.

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She also joked that sometimes Luca is almost too overprotective to the point where Duff sometimes feels like she has to defend herself to her own son. “It’s really sweet the way he looks out for her. But also, sometimes I’m like, ‘Hey, I did OK with you. I promise I know what I’m doing.’”

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In an earlier interview with People, Hilary shared a story about one of those moments when she was unapologetically shamed by Luca. “He doesn’t want her to ever fall off the couch … sometimes I’m like, ‘I swear I’m a good mom.’ He’s like, ‘Well, you need to watch her.’ I’m like, ‘She’s gonna fall down. She’s got to learn not to go near that’ or whatever.”

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Duff and Koma married in December 2019 in a small ceremony at their L.A. home and had Banks, their first child together, in October 2018. Duff shares custody of Luca, who will turn eight in March, with her ex-husband Mike Comrie.

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