Husband Sends Wife Hilarious “Sexts” of Him Cleaning the House

There’s nothing sexier than a clean house. Or at least for many of us after taking care of kids, working, running errands, and any other stresses from the day, coming home to a clean home is a huge turn-on.

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One man recognized his wife’s love of a clean home. He decided to send her some “sexts” or sexy texts and photos of him doing the dirty. And by dirty, we mean the dirty job of cleaning up the house. The sexts made their way online and the internet cannot get enough of this man’s “dirty” pictures as he cleans. There’s just nothing sexier than a man doing household chores.

Reddit user, “dirty-ol-slob” posted about cleaning up for his wife.

Sexy Man Cleans House for Wife
dirty-ol-slob / Reddit

“My wife really likes it when I do housework so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on,” dirty-ol-slob explains in the post.


This man understands that doing a load of laundry is equivalent to foreplay.

Man Sends Sexy Cleaning Photos
dirty-ol-slob / Reddit

Observe the wink as he throws in the laundry detergent here. This cleaning photoshoot is nothing short of erotic.

The “sexts” are not just of dirty-ol-slob. There’s a fair amount of innuendo as well.

Husband Sends Wife Cleaning Sexts
dirty-ol-slob / Reddit

This man really knows how to create a narrative. Don’t think about this photo too hard.

He’s not afraid to use props and experiment with different camera angles.

Man Poses for Cleaning Photoshoot
dirty-ol-slob / Reddit

We’re not really sure what’s going on here, but dirty-ol-slob can do a deep clean any day of the week. But, really. What is happening?

Our new favorite husband included some captions of the photos in the Reddit post.

Husband Sends Wife Sexy Photos While Cleaning

“Notice how the power cord on the vacuum is all wrapped up and not even plugged in,” he explains. “I was definitely more into the pictures than the cleaning.” 

You don’t say?

Many people were receptive to the sexts and he even has some new fans.

Husband Sends Funny Sexts

After acknowledging the sexts are hilarious, many admitted that the photos would indeed have worked for them.

He left them wanting more.

Man Sends Wife Cleaning Selfies

In the tradition of sexy firefighter calendars, many users wanted more of dirty-ol-slob and suggested he create a calendar with his sexy cleaning photos.

Dirty-ol-slob created a movement.

Man Takes Sexy Selfies While Cleaning

This husband is an inspiration! Men on Reddit left comments saying they were going to try some cleaning sexts themselves.

We don’t know if they’ll match dirty-ol-slob’s originality, but we hope they result in a clean house for a deserving partner.

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