Husband and Wife Create Parody of Every Hallmark Christmas Movie Ever Created and People Cannot Get Enough of It

We all know it, yet we all do it. We sit down, we turn on the Hallmark channel, and we watch five different new Christmas movies that leave us all feeling the same.

But after one of the youngest members of The Holderness Family pointed it out to her mom and dad, the creative couple put together a parody video for their fans. And we have to admit, it’s pretty spot on and pretty dang funny.

Husband and Wife Create Parody of Every Hallmark Christmas Movie Ever Created and People Cannot Get Enough of It
The Holderness Family

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Look, while we love Christmas time and the new Hallmark movies it brings, it’s also okay to admit that there are a lot of similarities. Many of the buildings are the same, the characters often have similar back stories, and the two main characters almost always fall in love in the end.

Like Penn and Kim Holderness point out in their spot on impression, it’s okay to make fun of the things that make you happy. And they did so, so very well.

“This was inspired by our daughter Lola, who noticed while we were watching our fifth Christmas movie already in November, that the houses were all the same. The houses were all the same, the casts were all the same, and the themes were all the same. And she was like you could just shoot one [movie] a day.”

In Penn and Kim’s Hallmark movie parody, it starts out with the female lead, a successful New York Executive, making a deal while visiting her small hometown. She then runs into the boy who had a crush on her in high school and who is now attractive to her.

She and Penn then go into hilarious dialogue about how the woman has everything but love and how she almost denies falling in love with the boy from high school because she thinks he doesn’t make enough money. However, over drinks with her girlfriend, she learns that he is secretly rich and the rest, as you know it, is history.

To be honest, we are not doing this Hallmark satire justice. Just watch it for yourself:

This is so great,” one commenter wrote. “You know the exact plot every single time, but I am still hopelessly addicted to watching them!! You guys are great!! Thanks for all the laughter!! Nope, I am not “stupider” for watching it, just in a much better mood to start the day.”

“You two crack me up. You forgot the kiss at the end. Also in almost every movie the main characters bump into each other,” another commenter added. “Maybe one of you will spill your coffee from that bump. That’s when you know it’s true love. Lol.”

And this isn’t the only Hallmark Christmas parody the Holderness Family has made.

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It’s all just too funny. Now excuse us while we turn on the Hallmark channel…

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