In-Laws Call Woman ‘Selfish’ For Saving Herself From Rare Complications Over Baby Boy

One mother was tragically forced to make a heartbreaking choice when the birth of her child was complicated — her in-laws claiming the decision was a selfish one.

A woman recently opened up to the Reddit page Am I The A**hole about how she and her husband became unexpectedly pregnant and were happy to welcome a baby boy.

In-Laws Call Woman 'Selfish' For Saving Herself Over Baby
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After an “OK” pregnancy, she revealed that when it came to give birth, things took a turn for the worst.

“Unfortunately, due to complications during the birth, it came down to either my life or the [baby’s], and I, terrified for my life, told the nurses to fix the complication first (it’s very rare) and then try to save the baby,” she said.

But her choice had some tragic consequences.

In-Laws Call Woman 'Selfish' For Saving Herself Over Baby
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“I had to undergo emergency surgery, but in doing so, resulted in the loss of my beautiful baby,” she sadly reported. “In the moment, my husband and I were both okay with my decision and grateful that I survived, but upset over the loss of our child.”

When she returned home, the woman said that while her family and friends were extremely supportive and helped them in their grieving process “but his parents were furious,” she said.

“They said that I was a horrible woman and was a terrible mother for letting my child die. His mother specifically said that she would give her life for her children and that I was a selfish, cold-hearted [expletive].”

In-Laws Call Woman 'Selfish' For Saving Herself Over Baby
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“This made me feel even worse about my choice and I became very depressed,” she revealed.

“During this time, my husband began to turn on me and said that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to create a family with someone who didn’t care about her children. He says that what I did was selfish and that he doesn’t trust me anymore. I feel so alone, even with the support of my family.”

And now, she is second-guessing her choice. Most commenters sympathized, one user saying: “Honestly I am so sorry you had to go through this and I am sorry for your loss,” wrote one user.

In-Laws Call Woman 'Selfish' For Saving Herself Over Baby
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“But choosing to save your own life is in no way a bad choice. And if your husband would rather you had died giving birth, I think you should seriously reconsider your marriage.”

“She would have preferred your child to have no mother? For your husband to have no wife? For your family to lose their daughter?” questioned another commenter.

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