Investigators Release Theory About Bob Saget’s Death

Nearly two months after Bob Saget was discovered dead in a Florida hotel room, investigators are revealing what they believed happened to the comedian. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Saget is believed to have died from head trauma consistent with a fall.

According to his official autopsy records, Saget was found to have suffered “posterior scalp abrasions, subgaleal hemorrhage (which is the result of blood forming between skull and scalp), discoloration in the upper and lower eyelids due to skull fracture, subdural hematoma (which is a buildup of blood on the surface of the brain) and subarachnoid hemorrhage (which is bleeding in the space that surrounds the brain).”

Investigators Release Theory About Bob Saget’s Death

Investigators Release Theory About Bob Saget’s Death

Now investigators are revealing how they believed Saget sustained the head wounds. According to People, just hours before he was discovered dead, surveillance footage from the hotel shows Saget exiting the elevator during the early morning hours of January 9 walking toward his hotel room.

Those who watched the footage say Saget wasn’t showing any signs of distress during his walk to his room. At 2:17 a.m. Saget entered his hotel room, putting the do not disturb sign on his doorknob, and locked the door from the inside as well.

Investigators Release Theory About Bob Saget’s Death

Authorities believe it was around this time that Saget lost consciousness in his hotel bathroom and hit his head on the marble flooring. After regaining consciousness, investigators say, Saget, likely still groggy, made his way to his bed from the bathroom and lost consciousness again. 

Bob Saget’s time of death has been determined to be around 4 a.m. the morning of January 9. He was found 12 hours later in his bed by hotel security. Those who saw Saget in the hotel that weekend say he was full of life, happy, and was thrilled when fans asked him for a selfie.

His last Instagram:

People reports that Saget’s death investigation will likely be closed soon. While some details have been made public, Saget’s family is working to keep the full investigation private. 

As documents obtained by E! News revealed, the family is “suing Orange County Sheriff John Mina and the District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office in Florida to block the release of records pertaining to the investigation into Bob’s death.” As the court documents explained, Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, and his daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer Saget hope to keep the details of his death investigation confidential as news and media outlets plan to file public record requests.

“Citing their privacy rights, the family is asking the court to grant a declaratory relief so that the records can remain ‘confidential and exempt from disclosure under Florida law,’” E! News reported. In a statement released by the family’s lawyer, these steps were taken specifically to ensure that videos and photos are never made public.

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Investigators Release Theory About Bob Saget’s Death

“In order to protect the Saget family’s privacy, today on their behalf, I filed for an injunction to prevent the disclosure of any photographs or videos of Mr. Saget made by the authorities during their investigation,” Brian Bieber told E! News. “It’s very simple—from a human and legal standpoint—the Saget family’s privacy rights outweigh any public interest in disclosure of this sensitive information.”

Bob Saget’s family was the first to reveal his official cause of death saying that they wanted the information to come from them first before anywhere else. In that same statement, the family thanked Saget’s fans and loved ones for the outpouring of support.

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