Former ‘Married at First Sight’ Star Jamie Otis Gives Birth to Her Long-Awaited Rainbow Baby

On May 12, Jamie Otis took to Instagram to share a photo of her 40-week and one-day-old baby bump. In the picture, she was also holding a felt board that read, “Eviction Notice, Vacate premises immediately.”

In the caption, Otis, who shared that she and her husband, Doug Hehner, decided to name their son Hayes, joked that “sweet baby Hayes has been living RENT FREE for 40 weeks and 1 day! It’s time he comes out and starts paying back rent! Snuggles, baby smiles, and sloppy baby kisses are acceptable forms of payment!”

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The mom reassured her fans that while she “loooove her bump and feeling him move inside of her,” she admits that she felt like she was “going to be pregnant forever.”

“I’m cherishing these last moments of him hearing every beat of my heart, every breath I take & feeling ALL my love. …BUT, I don’t know HOW he’s still in there? For the last 3 weeks I’ve been thinking ‘any day now.’”

Now, Otis knows her son is a “very good listener.”

“He’s HERE! And he’s clearly a very good listener,” Otis wrote on Instagram just 24 hours after issuing Hayes his eviction notice. “I want to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers, positive vibes, and sticky baby dust you sent me throughout my pregnancy with @babyboyhehner.”

“I truly have the best FRANS! All of your love and support hasn’t gone unnoticed. And all that positive energy sprinkled out into the universe WORKED! He’s snuggling on my chest perfectly calm and content as I write this caption to you!”

Otis went on to reveal that within six hours of her first contraction, Hayes was out of the womb and repaying his mom rent with the snuggles she so desperately yearned for. “I HAVE SO MUCH MORE I WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU but it’s almost 11:30 pm and I’m EXHAUSTED! Thank you soooo much again! We love you,” Otis continued.

In an exclusive interview with People following Hayes Douglas’ birth, Otis revealed that he “was born in their New Jersey home at 3:37 p.m., weighing 9-pounds, 4 ounces and measuring 21 inches.”

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I TESTED NEGATIVE FOR COVID19 ???????? OUR HOME BIRTH PLAN IS OFFICIALLY A GO???????? *AND* WE’RE GOING LIVE FOR IT???????????????????? …whenever Hayes decides to come, that is!????⁣ ⁣ Aaand, this dress was meant for our maternity shoot on the beach????????‍♀️???? I didn’t want to miss out on getting beautiful photos of my full term baby in my belly so we made it happen in our back yard – never mind Doug’s outgrown hair & my bra strap hangin’ out!????????‍♀️ Clearly not a “professional” shoot but I love it just the same!????⁣ ⁣ So many keep asking what my test results came back as & if we still plan a home birth…I’m so thankful I tested negative for covid19???????? My heart breaks to pieces when I hear about the moms (and sometimes dads too) who have had to separate from their newborns bc they test positive. I can’t even begin to imagine.????⁣ ⁣ Since we got home from Florida I’ve seen my same four walls daily. I’m not messing around! I don’t leave & I don’t plan on leaving even now that things are beginning to slowly open. Call me crazy, but I’m not taking any chances.????????‍♀️????⁣ ⁣ I’m so thankful I’ve made it to full term (He’s due Monday, 5/11!) & I’ve been able to fully prepare for my home birth!????????If you saw my stories you’ll see the tub where I’m hoping to deliver sweet baby Hayes is 100% set up & ready in my bedroom!???? Now we are patiently – er, impatiently!!! – waiting for him to come!☺️⁣ ⁣ If you wanna hang w me during labor & keep me company please join me live here on my Instagram!????‍♀️ Maybe you can help keep my mind off the painful contractions since I won’t be able to have any pain relief … I’ll need all the help I can get!???? Turn your notifications on so I don’t miss out on your company!???? ⁣ ⁣ OH! And I made Doug go through a contraction simulation so he can FEEL the pain of labor and have empathy for me!???? Link in bio to our @hotmarriagecoolparents YouTube channel if you wanna watch!????

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“He’s so perfect. He looks just like his big sister Gracie.”

As People reported, the couple made the decision to have a homebirth due to COVID-19 and the restriction the hospital may put on them for their safety.

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⁣ BABY HAYES IS DUE ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!???????????????????? I’m soaking up every last second of it being just Gracie & me.???????? I’m also *cherishing* every kick, move & squish up against my ribs (oof!????) with my strong baby boy inside me.????????????⁣ ⁣ I genuinely *LOVE* being pregnant!???????? I love every single kick & squirm I feel from within. It’s such a magical feeling!✨????⁣ ⁣ I’m taking in alllll of these moments bc I know our worlds are about to change drastically any day now & our current normal will be swept away & replaced with a whole new tiny human to love on!????????????⁣ ⁣ …This quarantine has been *FOREVER* & I honestly can’t wait til it’s safe to hug family, say hi to strangers & just simply go out again, buuuut I’m also *so thankful* for the demand to stay home with my hubby & daughter right before giving birth.????⁣ ⁣ Doug and I are usually the “Go, Go, Go” type. This quarantine has forced us to stay put. I’ve spent so much quality time with Gracie. We both needed it.☺️ We’ve bonded and become closer than ever.???????????? ….Doug on the other hand – he may wanna kick me outta the house by now!????????‍♀️ These pregnancy hormones have been raging!????⁣ ⁣ He wants Hayes to come on cinco de Mayo—which is also taco Tuesday & obvs its in the midst of the corona pandemic.???? Then we’d name Hayes “Hayesrico”???? He’s crazy – but that’d be quite the story to tell our son!????

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“The fact that I may or may not be able to be a support person at the delivery in the hospital [and] what do we do with our daughter if I can’t leave the hospital? At least with our house, we know it’s a more controlled environment.”

As Otis has talked about previously with her fans, the journey to becoming a mother of two was a difficult one. Prior to welcoming their daughter Gracie into the world, the experienced a miscarriage in 2016. The couple chose to name their late-child Jonathan.

Again, in 2018, Otis suffered a chemical pregnancy in 2018 and another miscarriage at 10 weeks in 2019. The couple was thrilled to announce they were pregnant with Hayes in September 2019. Otis and Hehner learned the good news while visiting a fertility specialist, noting that the news of their pregnancy was a complete surprise.

Roughly a month later, the couple revealed they were expecting a boy.

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Congratulations to the Hehner family.

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