Jill Duggar Is Done with ‘Counting On’: ‘It All Just Got to Be Too Much for Our Little Family’

Jill Duggar with husband

If you think it’s been a while since you’ve seen Jill Duggar on Counting On, you’re right. Jill Duggar, now Jill Dillard, hasn’t appeared on the reality TV show for a couple of years.

Apparently, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard was fired from the show after making transphobic remarks. Since then, Jill remained quiet about the incident and her future involvement with the show. That all changed two weeks ago when she shared some information on her Instagram.

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The saga all began when Jill shared a screenshot of a text exchange with her husband.

In the post, Jill describes her 4-year-old son, Isreal reacting to seeing his family on TV. Isreal is excited and apparently yelled to his mother, “Hey mommy! Mommy! They said the Duggars!!!”

In the caption of the post, Jill explains further, “Fun fact: Growing up in the Duggar family, we were given the rough cuts of the shows before they aired and were able to edit a little if need be, but since we didn’t have TV ourselves we would usually only watch it on tv when visiting a relative, friend or at a hotel with cable.”

Jill’s cousin, Amy Duggar left a comment saying that she too remembered how things used to be. And, she sees how much things have changed.

Jill Duggar Done on Counting On
jillmdillard / Instagram

Things have definitely changed since the first seasons of the Duggars on TV. Now, Amy Duggar and Jill are mothers raising their own children with their own traditions.

This may seem innocuous enough, but things started to heat up when a fan asked about Jill’s future involvement with the show.

Jill Duggar Done on Counting On
jillmdillard / Instagram

Jill responded to the fan, “We asked that a lot… No plans to currently. It just all got to be too much for our little family, so we decided to step away from it all a couple years ago before the birth of our second child.”

Interesting. There’s more to the story than Jill lets on in her response. TLC officially fired her husband, Derick Dillard after he bullied a trans teenager online. As if that weren’t disgusting enough, the teen, Jazz Jennings had a TLC reality show of her own called I Am Jazz. In spite of what TLC has openly said, Derick denies ever being fired.

We assume that Jill is still able to appear on Counting On. After she showed up for Jessica Duggar’s birth special, it seemed like there was an open door. But, her comment makes us think she won’t be showing back up on TLC anytime soon.

The timing of Jill’s comment is notable because recently, Derick has criticized the Duggar patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar.

Derick Dillard has made several accusations online about how Jim Bob Duggar controls their reality TV contracts. He’s also been critical of TLC for not covering some of the medical costs he and Jill had to pay for the birth of their children.

We’re not sure what kind of storm is brewing between Jill and Derick and the rest of the Duggars.

It seems like the rift between Jill and others in the family is growing. There’s a lot of rumors and speculation out there among fans, but we hope we get to the bottom of what’s going on.

This could be the end of Jill Duggar on Counting On and that’s okay.

After Thanksgiving, it seemed like Jill and Derick didn’t spend the holiday with the rest of the Duggar clan. Families grow apart. That happens from time to time. But, whenever reality TV is involved, it always gets messy. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for developments. But for now, it sure looks like Jill has called it quits.

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