‘Nobody Did Anything’: Mom Tried Protecting Son in the Months Leading up to His Passing, But Nobody Listened

A mother wanted to protect her son from his father, and she tried to get the attention of the people who were able to help him.

However, as she told The Denver Channel, her concerns reportedly fell on deaf ears.

On September 21, Jing Tesoriero’s son, 10-year-old Ty, was found dead in an apartment along with his father, 48-year-old Anthony Tesoriero. The father and son were shot to death, and police believe the scene was the result of a murder-suicide.

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'Nobody Did Anything': Mom Tried Protecting Son in the Months Leading up to His Passing, But Nobody Listened | "He lost, and he had to take Ty with him because that's the only thing he could control that night was Ty."
The Denver Channel

The Lone Tree Police Department wrote in a statement:

On Saturday, Sept. 21 at approximately 2:30 a.m. , Lone Tree Police Department (LTPD) responded to a welfare check at the Contour 39 Apartments, located at 9045 Yosemite St. , where they found an adult male and a juvenile male deceased inside the apartment. The Douglas County Coroner’s Office identified the adult male as 48-year-old Anthony Tesoriero.

Autopsies have been completed on both individuals, but no further information will be released as to the cause and manner of death until the investigation is complete and the final autopsy reports are made available. LTPD, however, is currently investigating this as a murder suicide and does not believe there is any threat to the public.

In her interview with The Denver Channel, Jing said shortly before her son’s passing she received an email from Anthony.

The email read:

“By the time you finish reading this, Ty will be moments away from joining me in the afterlife.”

That’s when Jing called 911. Sadly, by the time she or first responders got to Anthony’s apartment, both of them were already gone. As The Denver Channel reports, Jing has had countless restraining orders against Anthony demanding that he both stay away from her and stop harassing her online.

He reportedly violated those orders regularly.

As Jing explained, less than 24 hours before Ty’s passing, a judge told Anthony that she planned on awarding Jing full custody of their son. Jing was worried about her son’s safety when he was with his father and took the necessary precautions to keep him safe.

Jing said:

“It’s pretty much like a suicide note, and he said he was going to take my son with him, and I called 911. He lost, and he had to take Ty with him because that’s the only thing he could control that night was Ty.”

She continued:

“We even told the judge more than once that we were worried, we were concerned for Ty’s safety. There were so many agencies that were involved, so many. I begged, talked to, tried to convince everybody to do something.”

However, as Jing admitted, “Nothing. Nobody did anything.”

Her lawyer, Caroline Cooley, told The Denver Channel that Ty should have been removed from Anthony’s custody “15 months ago.” However, “We requested it. Our request was denied. We filed another request [and] the request was denied”:

“In twenty years, I have never had a case where a child has been so systematically, methodically, consistently alienated, and no change is occurring, and no system is responding to it.”

Now, Jing said she’s sharing her story so that this doesn’t happen to someone else’s child:

“I don’t want this to ever happen again. I don’t want another kid hurt because of manipulating parents. That kid went through so much and he tried so hard just to not make things worse for me.”

Jing said she’s “heartbroken” over her son’s passing, but she’s also “angry, upset,” and has “regrets.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with funeral expenses.

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