Jinger Duggar, Now Blonde, Snaps at ‘Counting On’ Producer for Speculating That She’s Pregnant

One producer of the hit reality show, Counting On got more Jinger than he bargained for! Jinger Duggar has been spreading her wings and expanding her horizons ever since she moved to L.A.

But just because she’s growing personally, doesn’t mean her family is as well. One producer found out the hard way that it’s impolite to speculate about a woman’s womb!

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Jinger Duggar and husband, Jeremy Vuolo were house hunting in L.A. for a larger home. When Jinger mentioned the word, “kids” in the context of “raising kids” not just the one child she already has, a producer for Counting On jumped the gun and began speculating that Jinger would be having another soon.

Jinger is hunting for a home and mentioned the difficulties of raising kids in a smaller space. One producer nearly lost his mind at the prospect of another Duggar baby.

“Wow, you said kids!” Scott Enlow, a producer interjected, according to OK! Magazine.

Jinger wasn’t having any of it saying, “I’m not making an announcement. I’m just assuming if we have more kids while we’re out there,” she responded with an eye roll for punctuation.

Is Jinger our favorite Duggar? Probably.

Although Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo might want more kids, no need to rush things.

The young family just made the move to L.A. and have been raising their daughter, Felicity, there.

It was kind of stunning that the Counting On producer would assume they’re ready for more children.

Jinger made sure to add, “That was not an announcement by the way. Ugh, Scott!”

It’s not like there’s a shortage of new Duggar babies in the world.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar welcomed their newest baby earlier this month. Newborn Addison Renee has transformed their little unit to a family of four. She’s so beautiful!

No, really!

Josiah and Lauren Duggar just had their first child, Bella Milagro Duggar.

See producers, there are plenty of babies being made!

In other Jinger news, she’s dyed her hair blonde!

We’ve been a fan of Jinger’s strategically placed highlights for some time now. So, it was an absolute thrill to see her post a new photo with even more blonde hair!

Jinger posted this photo with no mention of the mini makeover.

Look at how radiant our California ladies look! Jinger really does look sun-kissed and we bet she’s fitting in well out there in L.A.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed the luscious locks.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Blonde Hair Pregnant
jingervuolo / Instagram

Jinger has never been shy or scared to try new things!

Fans took notice of her beautiful blonde hair and flooded the comments with encouragement.

You go, girl!

Jinger made a point to thank fans for their kind words and offered her hair care tips.

“Thank you to everyone for all the kind words about my new blonde locks! I have learned that a good hair care routine is key to keeping that blonde hair healthy and looking fresh,” she captioned the post.

She explained her routine: “I like to do a deep conditioning on my hair once a week to keep it soft and nourished.”

“I also use a quality purple shampoo at least once or twice a week to keep away the brassy undertone.” And she asked followers about their own, “What is your favorite hair care routine?” she continued.

Wow. We really can obsess over this relatable queen.

Look at how happy and healthy Jinger and Felicity look!

We’re so thrilled that Jinger is not having any funny business from the producers of Counting On and that she’s comfortable expressing her true self.

It’s clear her first year of motherhood and the move to L.A. have really given Jinger the space she needs to thrive.

Being bold looks good on you, Jinger!

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