Jinger Duggar Vuolo Shares How Her Almost 2-Year-Old Daughter Reacted to The News of Her Pregnancy

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Jeremy Vuolo‘s youngest daughter Felicity is going to be a big sister. But according to Jinger, she’s not quite sure her almost 2-year-old daughter knows what that means just yet.

In May, Jinger and Jeremy announced that they are expecting their second child in November 2020. Jinger’s due date is right around the time she miscarried in November 2019. In an interview with People after revealing their pregnancy news, as well as news of the miscarriage, Jinger explained how Felicity knows there is a baby in her mommy’s tummy.

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“We told her, but she doesn’t quite understand everything yet,” Jinger explained to People. “Not being 2 yet, but she, she comes up to my belly and says, ‘Baby. Baby.’”

Felicity will celebrate her second birthday on July 30. In addition to talking about her pregnancy and how Felicity reacted to the news, Jinger also opened up about her miscarriage for the first time in the interview with People.

Jinger revealed that it was just hours after telling her family about the pregnancy that she lost their unborn child.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Remember Loss of Unborn Child After Announcing Pregnancy

“In those times when your faith is tried, you just run to God all the more. We were just praying together talking with family, had friends at our church here that just surrounded us. It was such a hard time, but Jer just really supported me, and it was just such a tremendous blessing to have many people who loved on us in that difficulty.”

And on Instagram, the soon-to-be mom of two also shared how she wonders what her second daughter will be like. “The thoughts run through my mind over and over. Felicity is such a spunky, fun-loving, social butterfly! Will this little girl be the shy introvert, happier with a good toy in a quiet room than bubbles at a party? Who knows? Whοever she is, and whatever she loves, I’m excited to see her flourish as she grows.”

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Being a mom isn’t easy. Starting at the moment of her child’s conception, the care, compassion, and protection begins. In a recent interview, Drew Barrymore said of motherhood during the pandemic, “I don't know if there are good days and bad days. I think there are good hours and bad hours. I cried every day, all day long.” Can you relate, moms? She concluded, “It was the messiest plate I've ever held in my life to be the teacher, the parent, the disciplinarian, the caretaker.” Take it from Barrymore, a wildly successful actor, producer, director, author, model, and entrepreneur: motherhood is no walk-in-the-park. And over the last three years, I’ve gotten a front row seat watching Jinger on her motherhood journey. What’s it been like? Well, have you ever thought, when watching an Olympic gymnast slide across the balance beam, “I could do that! How hard could it be?” and then you try it and fall on your face? Yeah, it’s been kind of like that. She makes motherhood look so easy, so natural, so graceful. Every day, Felicity is tenderly loved, guided, protected, and nurtured. From my vantage point, I see Jinger gliding across the balance beam, somersaulting into back handstands and cartwheels. But I can forget, just like when watching that Olympic gymnast stick her 10/10 landing, the blood, sweat, tears—the selfless dedication—that make it possible. Being a mom isn’t easy. But to my daughter’s mother, to my mother, to my wife’s mother, to all mothers: thank you for not taking the easy-road. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Jinger and Jeremy have also picked out a name for their second daughter already. However, they don’t plan on sharing that name with the public until she is born.

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