Joe & Kendra Duggar Get Real About the Difficulties They Faced in Their First Year of Marriage

We all know that marriage requires compromise and at times, that can be a big struggle. For Joe and Kendra Duggar, the first year of marriage wasn’t always a walk in the park. The revealed their difficulties on Counting On and said that after getting married in 2017, it had been “hard.”

It’s great to hear from Joe and Kendra, who want to get real about marriage and how they tempered their own expectations for it. To an extent, we all do this. We all expect our marriage to be nonstop magic and romance when in reality, it’s a partnership that takes a lot of work.

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You might have forgotten that Kendra was pregnant the first nine months of married life.

Kendra started out expecting to provide for her husband, in her own way. Her goal was to cook for her husband every night and accompany him to work every day. Pregnancy didn’t allow her to do all that she wanted.

“We were so blessed to have Garret right away and we wouldn’t change that but it definitely did add a different dynamic to our marriage,” Kendra said. “For me, it was kind of hard because I felt like I don’t feel like I’m a good wife. But you were really gracious and really sweet and understanding.”

She carried a child for nine months, we’d hope so!

With first-child, Garret a little older, their marriage has transformed into something they both wanted.

“My expectation now is that we do more meals and clean the house more often,” Kendra expressed. “Now that the baby’s older it’s a lot easier to do that. And I’ve been able to work some with you lately and that’s been really fun.”

We are happy that Kendra’s life is more as she’d envisioned, but with that baby girl on the way, we hope she’s ready for a change!

They’re a team that likes to, “divide and conquer.”

The couple says their mottos is “divide and conquer” when it comes to getting household tasks done. A couple that views their relationship as a partnership seems healthiest. Each person has responsibilities and one person isn’t expected to do it all. That’s great that the young couple is figuring out married life and how to get stuff done. They haven’t been married for very long and are probably still figuring each other out!

We can’t imagine being part of such a large family. It looks like the couple will have plenty of help making their marriage work and getting help with their kids.

We hope their marriage continues to grow.

Any relationship takes time to grow. We hope that Joe and Kendra keep love at the forefront as their family grows too. It was so refreshing to hear this young couple discuss the difficulties they experienced through their first year of marriage. We sure hope the years to come see them even happier!

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