Joy-Anna Duggar Surprises Husband After Cutting Hair, But Doesn’t Receive the Reaction She Wanted

In a recent YouTube video, Joy-Anna Duggar was explaining to her fans how she had a few hours to herself that day and was trying to figure out what to do with it. For a mother of two, a day to herself didn’t happen too often, but her husband was out of town and his parents were watching her two children. 

Pregnant with her third child, Duggar felt like giving herself a bit of a makeover and ultimately decided on getting a new haircut with some highlights. Known for her long hair, she had a feeling it would take some getting used to – not just for herself, but her husband. Don’t worry, she recorded both of their reactions

After getting it cut, Joy-Anna shared her excitement in the YouTube video. “Y’all oh my gracious I have short hair. I am already loving it, it feels so light. Ah, I can’t wait to surprise Austin,” she said. All she had to do was wait for her husband to return home so she could do the big reveal – and it was worth the wait. 

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When Austin Forsyth (her husband) returned home, she was right there at the door waiting for him. The two exchanged a few hugs and kisses before Joy-Anna finally let her hair down to show him the result. It took him a second to notice it, but he eventually said ‘it’s looking kinda short,’ as he took a closer look. 

She asked him what he thinks of the haircut and replied, “I don’t hate it,” as he let out a big sigh, before adding he thinks it needs to be ‘that’ much shorter. While he didn’t seem too pleased with the haircut, he did sound extremely tired after a long drive. Still, fans couldn’t help but notice his lackluster response. 

Fans started flooding the comments section in support of Joy-Anna Duggar and her new haircut – one user commenting “Wow. Way to give your wife a compliment.” Another YouTube user wrote, “Pretty damn low to crap on your pregnant wife for doing something that makes her feel better about herself.” 

On the other hand, some people were coming to the defense of Austin – one user commenting “He wasn’t unkind. He probably just need a sec to absorb it. He’s never seen her with shorter hair.” Another one said, “Austin was very kind in his answers. He doesn’t have to like her hair short. He has a right to his opinion.”

Joy-Anna Duggar Clears the Air About Her Husband’s Reaction

As you scroll through the comments, you’ll see that Joy-Anna Duggar eventually shared her two cents on her husband’s reaction. She confirmed that ‘he loves it now,’ adding that he was ‘so pooped after driving all day.’ It appears she wasn’t bothered by the reaction and understood where he was coming from. 

Don’t worry, Joy-Anna and Austin couldn’t be happier at the moment. The couple recently announced they were expecting a third child and furthered the excitement with a gender reveal – which she shared with fans on social media – bringing their adorable family to a total of five. It just keeps on growing!

Along with their two children, the couple had to pop balloons with darts to reveal the sex of their incoming baby. Some of the balloons had pink powder in them, while others had blue powder in them. After all the balloons were popped, whichever color had the most tallies was the sex of the baby – isn’t that clever?!

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By the end, the couple learned that they were having a baby boy. “I 100 percent thought that it was a girl, convinced myself it was a girl… and I was waiting for two of those balloons to be pink and they weren’t,” said Joy-Anna in her YouTube video. It won’t be long before they’re third child is resting in their arms!

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