Kalin Sheick, Mom of 3, Has Fantastic Business Plan Dubbed for Postpartum Women, Dubbed ‘Coma Spa’

Kalin Sheick, a Michigan mother of 3, is going viral after suggesting a half-serious, half-satirical business plan for new mothers, and she’s dubbing it the ‘Coma Spa.’ It all started when she took to her Instagram Stories, where she talks about her Sweetwater Floral business, which designs award-winning florals. 

After her business plan received a positive response, she took the idea to TikTok – where it has many users chiming in with their own ideas. “We need a service where you go into a medically induced coma, and while you’re in that coma after you’ve had a baby, they do everything for you,” she starts the video.

It sounds a little suspicious, but hear her out! “You get hair color, OK? You get a little Botox if that’s your vibe. You get a facial. You get lashed. You get your teeth whitened,” she explains. “And they buy you a new wardrobe that fits, that is stylish, but age-appropriate,” before handing them your credit card. 

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That was just the beginning. She went on to add the ‘two most important things while you’re in there’ – the Brazilian wax and ‘they do your taxes.’ For a page that seldom gets 1,000 views on a video, Sheick has already garnered more than 280,000 views on TikTok, including 30,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments.

A lot of those comments were from mothers or soon-to-be mothers weighing in with laughter and ideas of their own. One user was ‘sold on just the coma,’ which left Sheick ‘crying’ of laughter. Another user wanted to add ‘any of the formalities like filing for a birth certificate and adding the baby to your health insurance.’

Some of the other ideas that were given in the comments were getting the nails done, dental cleaning, colonoscopy, mammograms, tummy tuck, tattoos, spray tan, and so much more. Other users were trying to come up with proper names for the service, with one user calling it the ‘Sleeping Beauty Special.’

And while most people were ‘sold at coma,’ it was a no-brainer when she added the taxes part at the end – that’s what did it. Many were calling for Sheick to gather investors, business partners, and medical professionals to make this a reality ASAP – with some joking they would buy into it annually, even weekly. 

Kalin Sheick Goes Through a Day In Her Life

Kalin Sheick might not get a lot of views on the regular, but she should because she’s hilarious. 

She recently shared a TikTok explaining how different she and her husband are when cooking. He’s the type that likes to have a timer and measure things, but she’s the opposite. At the end of the video, she pulls some bacon out of her oven that she made ‘without a timer’ – the bacon was burnt black.

She then shared a #dayinmylife video on Sunday that shows just how relatable her life really is. She wakes up at 7:30 a.m. and immediately makes a cup of coffee. She wakes up her house with some natural light and gets her children up before emptying the dishwasher and getting breakfast started.

A second cup of coffee is followed by some play time for the kids while her husband takes her older children to the grocery store. She then gets a little work done after putting her third child down for a nap. She takes the kids to a friend’s home for a quick visit before heading home and watching football with the fam.

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Dinner with her sister, putting the kids to bed and getting ready for bed herself just about do it for the day. “When I’m not designing award-winning wedding florals in Michigan, I’m hosting floral, wreath & business workshops across the country,” her business’ website says. 

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