Karla Souza Mom-Shamed While Flying With Kids, Her Was Response Was Everything

Karla Souza recently was mom-shamed when flying with her kids — and let’s just say she didn’t go down without a fight.

“So I have a toddler and a baby. The baby’s nine months old. I was on the plane yesterday with both of them. We had to wake up at 4:00 AM. The lady behind my husband literally said when my daughter was just making noises to entertain my nine-month-old, she was like, ’Is that absolutely necessary?’” recalls Souza.

If you’re cringing right now — you are not alone.

“And my husband turned around and said, ‘Well, there’s a lot of things that three-year-olds do that aren’t absolutely necessary.’”

But Souza at this point is not feeling as polite as her husband and decides to just go for the jugular (like most of us, I believe would secretly like to in scenarios like this one).

“So then out comes my mama bear. I just came at her, which is not something I advise anyone to do at all. One should not do that. I turned around and said, ‘Well, is it absolutely necessary to dye your hair black and to buy those ugly boots?’ And I just shouldn’t have said it. I shouldn’t have,” says Souza.

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Souza emulates her unapologetic persona in her ABC sitcom Home Economics, airing Wednesdays, about three siblings with variously-sized bank accounts.

She’s over the moon to be doing comedy again after “doing a drama for six years with queen Viola Davis.”

“I did not want to do TV again. And then my team was presenting me with this script. And then they told me that my character was going to talk about motherhood and pumping. And I talk about clogged milk ducts and peeing myself when I sneeze and my hair coming off. And having no sex drive. Seeing that through the lens of comedy, that’s what made it very fun for me,” she says.

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Souza was pregnant with her son when she was “auditioning and reading for stuff prior to this.”

“Even though they say that they would accept pregnant women — the second they saw my belly they were like, ‘We’re gonna have to shoot around it.’ So I had conversations with this show and they were straight away like, ‘We’ll make you pregnant on the show.’ They were game to embrace it and write for it.”


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