Kim Kardashian Highlights Kourtney Kardashian’s Long History Of ‘Degrading’ Her Staff After Humiliating Her Nanny

If you missed the latest drama on KUWTK, you are gonna wanna sit down for this one. It is no secret Kim, Kourtney and Khloé have been fighting since 2017 aaaand it hasn’t really stopped since.

It all begins when Kim confronted Kourtney over a verbal altercation she had with Kim’s nanny during a recent family vacation in Idaho.

Why the family decided on that as a spot to relax, we may never know. But back to the tea. Apparently, the argument began as Kourtney permits her 6-year-old to run the show, as her son, Reign, is “big on her confronting people in front of him.”

Allegedly, when Reign hears a comment he dislikes, Kourtney must speak with the offender in an effort to show her son she “has his back.” Yea…not toxic at all folks…

In this particular instance, Reign had been upset by a comment made by the nanny about it being illegal to talk in the car, and instead of putting her foot down to him being disrespectful — Kourtney decides to confront the nanny in a restaurant.

Kim says the nanny felt “degraded” by Kourtney, who had “yelled” and humiliated her in public. The nanny was found later hysterically crying and packing a bag as she believed she was about to be fired.

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Kourtney, screeches how that was a “lie,” that there “wasn’t even a 1% chance” that she yelled.

If you may remember, Kourtney doesn’t exactly have the best history with nannies. Let us recall the time she defended her daughter after she deliberately scratched one in the face, or when she cheerily admitted to slapping her own caretakers as a child. YIKES. YIKES. YIKES.

Kim reminds Kourtney how she has a “reputation of degrading” her staff. Kim also states how she prefers to retain her own staff “for a long time,” which was a comment on Kourtney’s previous nannies quitting over her children’s abhorrent behavior.

When Kourtney comments how she will “never allow this nanny around her kids again,” Kim curtly responds: “Kourtney, you can’t even keep a nanny.”

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Kourtney then responds by yelling at her sister to “shut the f*** up,” before storming out the room, sobbing.

She then alleges how Kim is “throwing out jabs and random lies about her staff” to “deliberately hurt her feelings,” and says she feels it’s “f***** up” that her own sister would “use s*** against her” in this way.

“Why would you treat your family like that?” she cries, “I can’t be around this constant negative energy.”

This same “negativity” is brought up yet again a couple of days later when Kim comes to apologize, and Kourtney says she doesn’t understand why her family are so “negative and hurtful” to one another during fights.

Now that THAT’S over….who needs a drink?

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