Khloé Kardashian Freaks Out Alongside Tristan Thompson During Surrogate Therapy: ‘This Is A Big Eye-Opener’

Khloé Kardashian is being incredibly brave by showcasing her fertility journey on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Khloé has been open about how if she were to conceive a child naturally, it would be considered a “high-risk pregnancy” and has since has been researching surrogacy as an alternative.

On last Thursday’s episode of KUWTK, Khloé, 36, sat down with a surrogate therapist alongside boyfriend Tristan Thompson (who also shares 3-year-old True with Kardashian) to discuss the possibility of using a surrogate to have a second child.

“A few months ago, Tristan and I made embryos, and during that time I was also told that I would not be smart if I carried my second pregnancy, I would be high risk and to explore surrogacy options, so Tristan and I have decided that’s what we’re going to do. I have a surrogate agent who is, you know, sort of filtering through who they think might be the best fit for me and my family,” Khloé explained.

The two decided to meet with a surrogate therapist via Zoom to be “evaluated” as well as to ensure that they completely understood what is involved when hiring a surrogate.

During the session, there was one question in particular that shook the couple.

“What are your beliefs about fetal reduction or termination of pregnancy due to multiple pregnancies? Say, the embryo splitting and the surrogate was carrying twins suddenly,” he asked. 

“If we’re blessed to have multiples we think that’s in God’s will, so we’re on board with that,” Khloé replied. 

“And what if your surrogate wasn’t on board with that?” the therapist prompted, to which Khloé said, “But don’t they have to kind of go with what our wishes are?” 

“Well, it’s your baby but it’s her body so she could terminate the pregnancy with any unplanned outcome,” he explained. 

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“Oh,” Khloé said, while Tristan added, “We never thought about that. … That’d be something that we have to discuss.” 

“I’m definitely getting freaked out I think as the questions go by just because I, of course, I know it’s her body, my baby, but I really did not put two and two together that that means she has the control whether she would want to, you know, terminate the twin. Me not having control over that outcome, makes me very nervous,” Khloé said in her confessional. 

“I mean, I know it’s her body but I still didn’t know it was really her choice and that might be really naive to say but I mean this is a big eye-opener,” she continued. “I’m definitely second-guessing a couple things. It’s just a little intense this whole Zoom call.” 

And while Khloé decided that surrogacy feels like the right choice for her family, she also does not want to rush anything.

“I know you love to be in control, and you love to have your say and be hands on, but obviously in this situation for us, you kinda have to take a little step back. Of course you can monitor but you know we got to trust the process and know that everything’s gonna be okay and we’re in this together, it’s gonna be just fine,” Tristan told her.

“We got this. I think the key is to find the right surrogate. And, you know, we’ll find the right one and when we do, it’ll be magic.”

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“It’s just releasing so much control,” she later told him. “First it was being told, okay I would not be able to carry — that took a minute to process, cool. I’ve accepted that. Now I’m in phase two: Find a surrogate. I can’t think too far ahead, because this is where I am for phase two, I do think this is the right choice for us, but I’m not going to be rushed into it, I’m not gonna force it.” 

She came to the conclusion that she would like to find the right surrogate within a year.

“True is 2 1/2. I definitely want her to have another sibling, and I think, you know, it’s selfish of me if I don’t give her that,” Khloé said. “But I want to make sure that whoever we choose as a surrogate is the right fit for our family. I’m not just rushing to do something so if I find one even within the next year, I’ll feel good about that.” 

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