Watch What Happens When Kristen Bell Asks Her Kids to Guess Her Age (Spoiler: It’s Hilarious)

It’s hard for young kids to understand how old their parents are. They either guess an age that’s far younger than the true age of their mom or dad, or one that’s much (much) older. No adult, it seems to kids, is ever between the ages of 30 – 45. Kristen Bell just learned this when her daughters (Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4) took a stab at guessing how old she was turning when she celebrated her birthday last week.

Kristen, who actually turned 39, posted the hilarious exchange with her daughters on Instagram. During the video, her daughter Delta starts guessing… “Six… fifty….” Her final guess? 63. (Ouch!)

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Kristen, who stayed impressively stoic during her daughters’ guesses, decided to see if her older daughter had a better guess. Lincoln, or Link as Kristen calls her, was a bit further off and guessed 89. (OUCH!)

With two not-so-great guesses, Kristen asked her husband, Dax Shepard, “Ok, Dad, how old do you think I’m turning?”

Dax decided to play it safe and compromise between all the women in his life. He answered, “I think the safe bet’s somewhere in the middle of those two guesses. So….71. Is that right?” 

Kristen shared the video with fans with a sweet and hilarious caption, “My kids are kind. I don’t care if they can’t do math.” 

Happy (belated) birthday, Kristen! Thanks for sharing the video – it was a great gift. And hey, you look amazing for 89!

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