Kristen Bell Has Zero Shame When It Comes To Potty-Training Her 6-Year-Old

Kristen Bell has exactly zero shame when the subject of potty training her 6-year-old pop ups.

“I’m different from the person sitting next to me, and our children have the same differences, right? I just don’t buy into this idea that someone is allowed to shame you,” says Bell, who is married to Dax Shepard.

kristen bell has zero shame potty-training her 6-year-old
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Just last summer, Bell, 40, revealed how her daughter, Delta, 6, was “getting there” in the potty training department — urging parents to not feel shame if their children don’t hit certain growth markers.

“The reality is I have two very different children. One got potty-trained really early,” says Bell of her 7-year-old, Lincoln.

“One got potty-trained much later. Both of them are going to, I assume, graduate high school and be able to function in the world and that will never be an issue.”

kristen bell has zero shame potty-training her 6-year-old
Image via Instagram

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But instead of worrying about potty training, Bell says that as a parental unit, both she and Shepard, 46, want to focus on giving their kid a happy, stable home.

“You’ve just got to nurture these little ones until they’re out of the house. That’s really the only piece of advice. Make sure they’re alive until they’re out of the house,” Bell jokes.

Bell states how she released all shame when both she and Shepard realized Delta had a “smaller bladder” than other children.

kristen bell has zero shame potty-training her 6-year-old
Image via Instagram

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“She’s tinier and she can’t hold her pee throughout the entire night. Once we realized it wasn’t necessarily something we were doing wrong and it was just the size of her body, it lifted all of the shame,” says Bell.

“I thought, ‘Oh yeah, this is just how her body’s going to grow.’ And when she hits that milestone where she has a growth spurt, her bladder will be big enough and she will be fine. She’s not going to be wearing diapers in high school!”

And that’s why we give ***snaps*** to Kristen!

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