Lana Del Rey Wants Women to Know That No Matter How They Feel on Mother’s Day That They Are Heard, Seen, and Validated

Singer Lana Del Rey is making sure all women were seen and heard this past Mother’s Day.

When it comes to most holidays, the celebrations that come along with them can bring up some of the best or some of the worst memories depending on a person’s unique life experiences. And because of that, Lana Del Rey wants you to know that however you’re feeling when Mother’s Day rolls around every year, those feelings are valid.

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On May 10, Del Rey took to Twitter to share a very special message to all the women in her life, both known and unknown. The lengthy post celebrated women from all walks of life.

“Last year was the first year I started seeing Memes and blogs pop up about how Mother’s Day isn’t always the peaceful day some people hope it is,” Del Rey began.

She then continued, “It’s challenging for a multitude of reasons, family of origin traumas, disappointments of not being a mother, rifts with blood mothers. So on this day as I always do every Mother’s Day, I want to send love out to all my sisters in the world who aren’t quite where they thought they would be this Mother’s Day, and to all of my sisters who are blissfully happy as well.”

“It’s a beautiful thing to be a woman. I feel like a mother inside and out in the way that I’m able to enjoy Mother Nature in all of its glory and in the capacity I have to hold all of my women friends- known to me and unknown- in my heart space, in my womb space and in my arms and thoughts. I am the way I am because of the women along the way who have taught me everything I needed to know and loved me unconditionally. I’m also the way I am because of the women I have encountered in this life who have put conditions on their love and are steely in their nature.”

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Later on Instagram, Del Rey shared a series of photos of some of the women in her life that have made her the person she is today. She also included photos of her own mom as well. “1 million reasons why I am grateful,” the singer seemingly wrote about her mom. “Love you to the moon and back!”

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