30 Last Names for Boys That Make Exceptional First Names

Last names for boys which are surnames as given names have always been popular in the United States but today they are absolutely dominating the field. In previous generations, last names for boys were used to keep an old family name alive. Today, parents are choosing them for their baby boy due to these names’ sound and distinctive style. Whatever your reason for wanting to choose one of these storied appellations, there are no shortage of amazing options to choose from!

We wanted to discover a variety of options so we turned to popular last names for boys that parents are really loving these days. However, we will also look to other languages to deliver some lesser-known surnames for your consideration. No matter how different each one of these last names may be, the one thing they share is that they all sound stately and established. Let’s take a look at some names for boys that parents adore!

Check Out These Amazing Last Names for Boys to Use As First Names!


Last Names for Boys

Today, Easton is an extremely popular given name for boys. For years, you would only find the name as an English occupational surname that means “from an east-facing village.” How cute is the nickname East?


Last Names for Boys

Graham is a very Irish surname that’s one of the most favored ones in Ireland today. It means “grey home” or “gravelly homestead.” In Scotland, it was derived from Greum and Greumach.


Last Names for Boys

Vitello is a name that was popular among early Christians in Southern Italy. The name is full of vitality and means “life”


Last Names for Boys

Wilson is an English surname that simply means “Will’s son.” This makes it a perfect name for a boy with a parent named William, Will, Willa, etc. Wilson has been a popular given name for boys since record-keeping began in 1880. It’s the least popular it’s ever been but it’s still firmly in the top 1000.


Last Names for Boys

Brady comes from the Irish surname Mac Brádaigh, meaning “spirited one.” Brady is a top-500 pick for baby boys born in the US today. That makes it one of the most popular last names for boys in the US today.


Last Names for Boys

An occupational surname, Mason means “stone worker.” This name is a unisex option but it’s one of the most popular last names for boys. In fact, it’s THE most popular last name for boys. It sounds approachable and warm making it such a treasured choice.


Last Names for Boys

Thanks to Jimi, Hendrix has risen in popular as given name especially in recent years when it started to really take off! Today, the name is ranked in the top 300 most popular names for boys! It comes from Dutch and German and means “estate ruler.”


Last Names for Boys

Nash is an English habitational name that means “from the ash tree.” Parents began to seriously use this name for their boys in the late 1990s and today, it’s more popular than ever before.


Last Names for Boys

Simplicity is bliss, is it not? Penn is a name of Celtic origin that means “enclosure.” Celebrities Penn Jillette and Penn Badgley have helped new parents see the possibility in this distinctive choice. This name has never made the US top-1000 names list, but we expect that to change very soon!


Last Names for Boys

Journalist Anderson Cooper helped propel this amazing name into renewed popularity over the last couple of decades. Anderson is of Scandinavian origin and means “son of Anders.” If you’ve got this name hidden somewhere in your family tree, we encourage you to use for your son!


Last Names for Boys

One of the most popular surnames in the United States is Davis. So, it should come as no surprise that it gets passed along to children regularly as a given name. Davis is a form of a Hebrew name that gives us David and means “blessed.” It’s been slipping in recent years which makes it the perfect time to choose it!


Last Names for Boys

Beckett only became one of the popular last names for boys in the US in 2006 and it has only increased its popularity since then. Beckett can be traced to two origins: Irish and English. The Irish form of the name means “little brook” and “bee cottage.” And, the English form means “bee hive.” How sweet are these meanings!?

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Last Names for Boys

Since the 1990s, Sawyer has emerged as a popular gender-neutral option in the US. The name has English roots as an occupational name. The “saw” might have given away that this name means “cutter of wood.” This name puts off a relaxed vibe that we think many new parents will love.


Last Names for Boys

Hayes is a remarkable name in that it’s one of America’s favored last names for boys. It was a huge hit at the end of the 19th century and it returned to acclaim in about a decade ago only to see a meteoric rise. Hayes is an English habitational name that means “hedged area.”


Last Names for Boys

We have the teen drama Dawson’s Creek to thank for this name’s return to popularity. The name was sparingly used for nearly 100 years before the show made the appellation a big hit. This slightly vintage-sounding charmer comes from English and means “son of David.”


Last Names for Boys

Carter is one of the recent favorite last names for boys as it was scarcely used before 2011 for baby boys. Today, the name is more popular than ever with new parents also giving it to their daughters! Carter comes from English as an occupational surname. It means “driver” or “cart maker.”


Last Names for Boys

Jackson has seen its best decade of favorability among new parents in recent years. The name is a top-20 pick for boys born today. That makes this name one of the most beloved last names for boys in the US. Jack comes from English and means… “Jack’s son.”


Last Names for Boys

One of the last names for boys with the funniest meaning on this list is Fabian. The name comes from Latin and means “bean” or “bean grower.” It’s been a mildly popular choice in the US in recent years but it’s nowhere near as prevalent here as it is in France. There, it’s a hugely popular surname and given name.


Last Names for Boys

Adler made the US top-1000 list for the first time in 2020. So, it’s one of the emerging last names for boys that parents should go ahead and choose to get ahead of the trend. Adler comes from German and means “eagle.”


Last Names for Boys

Laurent is a popular name for boys in French-speaking countries but you rarely hear it in the States. Laurent is related to the name Lawrence both can be traced back to a Latin name that means “from Laurentium.” Laurent sounds sophisticated and stylish and we hope parents will try this enchanting option.


Last Names for Boys

Park is one of the most popular Korean last names in use today. The naming structure puts the surname first which means that it’s a unique option among other last names for boys. Park means “gourd.”


Last Names for Boys

Finley is a Scottish royal name that belongs to Macbeth’s father and is riding the wave of popular Finn-names today. Chris O’Donnell used it for one of his sons. This charming appellation means “fair-haired hero.”


Last Names for Boys

Another name appearing in Macbeth and belonging to Scottish royals, Duncan was the name of a Scottish saint and two early Kings of the Scots. The name means “dark warrior” and is a top 1000 name for boys in the US today.


Last Names for Boys

Reid is an Anglicized form of an Irish surname, which means “red hair” or “ruddy complexion.” For the Scots, however, this name evolved from many surnames including MacIlleRuaidh, Roid, Roideach, Ruadh, and Mac’IlleRuaidh.


Last Names for Boys

Brooks is one of the last names for boys that’s been popular in the US for as long as records exist. The name is a habitational name from England that means “of the brooks.” Despite being popular for over 100 years, Brooks is more popular today than ever before!


Last Names for Boys

A very common surname, Channing means “people of Cana” or “wolf cub.” The name comes from Mac Cana. The Mac Cana clan originated as chiefs of Cenél Aengusa, the name of a kindred and its territory in Tír Eoghain.


Last Names for Boys

In Irish mythology, Connor is an early semi-legendary king of Ulster. The name can also be spelled Conor, which is the more popular option in Ireland. Both are hugely popular in the United States today. This winner means “lover of hounds.”


Last Names for Boys

From the Irish surname Ó Buachalla, Buckley means “cowherd.” This name has never been a popular first name in the US but we think it is one of the Celtic last names for boys that’s waiting to be discovered.


Last Names for Boys

In 1888, Harrison enjoyed its most popular year ever and given to a ton of babies. Today, the name sits just outside the top-100. Harrison comes from English origins and means… “Harry’s son.” Cute nicknames included the wonderful Harry as well as Hank!

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Last Names for Boys

Honest Abraham Lincoln has helped keep this amazing name alive in the US. While it is popular in English-speaking communities around the world, Lincoln has a particularly special spot in the hearts of most Americans. Lincoln is more popular today in the US than ever before! It means “from the town by the pool.” It’s one of the most popular last names for boys and for good reason!

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these last names for boys and that you will consider some for your little one. Last names as first names for boys add gravitas and substance while sounding stately and storied. There are no shortage of last names for boys out there so experiment with established surnames until you find the perfect one for your family. Happy baby name hunting!

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