The Last Text Gabby Petito’s Mother Received From Her Phone Revealed as Speculation Into How Police Found the Body Continues

Speculations are rising as to how authorities knew or why authorities knew to look at that specific campsite in Wyoming where a body that matched the description of Gabby Petito was found. As the Independent reported, it was only after the authorities had raided Brian Laundrie’s home for the first time that they then assembled a team of officers and other officials to search that area.

So what did they find? The answer to that question remains unclear.

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Some reports have suggested that officers recovered a “very specific” piece of evidence during that visit. Other reports have said that that “crucial” piece of evidence was in the form of a note, a note left by Brian Laundrie himself.

Now, it’s important that we make this very clear, these reports have not been confirmed by law enforcement. And as of September 21, these reports remain speculation.

Additionally, people are also suggesting that it was the video YouTuber Red White and Bethune captured and shared that helped law enforcement recover the body. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, the footage captured by Red White and Bethune was taken on August 27 at Spread Creek camping area. This is exactly where the body was located.

The Last Text Gabby Petito's Mother Received From Her Phone Revealed as Speculation Into How Police Found the Body Continues

August 27 is also the date that Gabby Petito’s parents reportedly received the last text message sent from Gabby’s phone. It was the text that rose alarm bells for the family.

As reports have revealed after their last verbal conversation with Gabby Petito on August 25, her parents stopped receiving phone calls and only received a handful of text messages after that. Now, one of those text messages is being revealed.

According to newly released pieces of evidence, the last text message Gabby Petito’s mother received said this:

“Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.”

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According to NBC 4, Stan is Gabby’s grandfather. But according to Gabby’s mother, the 22-year-old never referred to her grandpa by his first name. This is why Gabby’s mother now believes the text wasn’t written by her daughter.

The same day she received that text message was the same day the phone was turned off for good. 

As Mamas Uncut reported, at some point after Gabby Petito had gone missing, Brian Laundrie had traveled back to Florida in the white Ford van he and Gabbie had modified for their cross-country travels. On September 11, Laundrie was pulled over driving that van and it was taken into evidence. 

Inside the van, NBC 4 reports, was a hard drive. Warrants have been obtained so that investigators can comb through that hard drive for any additional evidence as to what happened to Gabby Petito.

In addition to that investigation, law enforcement is still looking to locate Brian Laundrie who was last seen by his parents on September 13. 

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