Are Teen Mom 2 Stars Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Getting Back Together?

Full disclosure: we don’t know! But, recent developments suggest that Leah Messer is open to the idea of a relationship with Jeremy Calvert. The Teen Mom 2 stars have been hot and cold with one another for months and honestly, if someone doesn’t make a move soon, we might give up on love!

On the last episode of Teen Mom 2, Messer suggested that she’s curious to know if there’s a “spark” between her and Calvert. However, it doesn’t seem like the pair can share a room with each other. They don’t seem to understand the concept of setting a date, and we’re left waiting to see if there’s even an opportunity for the couple to discuss their feelings.

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The latest episode saw Messer on her way to Hawaii with her children and Kailyn Lowry’s kids, hoping that Calvert would join them.

Messer told her mother that she really wanted Calvert with her so that she could express her feelings. Why can’t these two seem to connect? Aren’t the kids curious about their relationship?

We sure are! Hurry up and make a move guys!

Messer definitely seems more than open to the idea of a relationship.

Messer explained to her mom, “My feelings could be more toward it if one of us makes a move, and I’m a little prideful so I’m not making any first moves.”

We understand the fear of rejection and that once she “makes a move” there might not be any going back because of Addie. But, sometimes you have to take a risk to reap a reward. Someone needs to be open and honest about how they feel. It’s time to have a real conversation about the future!

We felt optimistic when Messer got Calvert on the phone to make a plan.

Please take the term “plan” with a grain of salt. These two are textbook wishy-washy! Messer did, however, explain that she was confused and wanted clarity about where they stood.

Jeremy agreed that they needed to talk things out and suggested they go on a dinner date, without kids, to discuss everything.

We’re encouraged by these developments, but we’re not holding our breath.

It’s clear that the kids are curious about what’s going on!

And if we’re totally honest, we think these two need to figure this thing out sooner than later. After the long break the couple took, it seems like they’ve had enough space to get in touch with their feelings.

Leah Messer Jeremy Calvert A Couple

Either way, we’re just excited for some closure! That may seem callous but if we have to watch another episode of Teen Mom asking, “Will they? Won’t they?” We’ll be so, so bored. Who else is getting tired just thinking about it?

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