I Need Advice on How to Deal with Loud, Rowdy Downstairs Neighbors Who Constantly Wake My Kids

A mom writes in asking how to deal with a situation with her neighbors. She says a young couple with a young daughter recently moved in below her unit. She says they have been incredibly loud, especially late at night and have even woken up her kids on several occasions. Despite several attempts to talk to them, the problem is only getting worse.

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A member of the community asks:

“How should I handle this situation with my neighbors?

So kinda kid related. I live in a duplex and the downstairs neighbors are young kids. It’s their first apartment and they have a young daughter. Anyways, since they’ve moved in, almost every weekend, they’ve had huge parties. Not a big deal and not my business. What is my business is them blasting a sub late at night and into the early morning. They’ve woken up my kids, my husband and myself several times.

We’ve tried to be understanding that they’re young and they’re excited to have their own space yatta yatta… we arent old hags. We are however now at the end of our ropes. They say they’ll turn it down but don’t. From 11 pm-3 am my husband went down 4 separate times and asked nicely for them to please turn it down… they didn’t do it. We couldn’t even enjoy a movie together because it’s so loud and vibrates our whole apartment. I wouldn’t make a big deal about it if it wasn’t a big deal, and waking the kids up is just a bit too much.

So at 3am I went down and told them that I was notifying the landlord and if it keeps happening I’d call the police. One kid started throwing stuff and getting hostile and the girl that lives downstairs just kept arguing. I’m not arguing with a bunch of drunk kids at 3am about them being disrespectful, rude and taking advantage of our kindness. Anyways, do you think we are doing the right thing? What would you do? Not to mention this is all during a quarantine order…”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Mom Who Needs Advice Dealing With Loud Neighbors

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Fan QuestionHow should I handle this situation with my neighbors?So kinda kid related. I live in a duplex and the…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Monday, March 30, 2020

Advice Summary

I Need Advice on How to Deal with Loud, Rowdy Downstairs Neighbors Who Constantly Wake My Kids

The community offered this mom in need a lot of great advice. Read some of their responses below.

“I would be calling the police. After the 2nd time of asking them to turn it down.”

“Ha. Dealt with a similar situation last night. Call the cops.”

“Underneath all that noise… What about their little daughter… Sad.”

“Never go directly to the source unless you own the property. I would’ve told the landlord and cops without being bothered. People do not care or listen without authority.”

“Honestly, it might be nicer to call the police first, because that gives the chance to understand you’re serious, but they aren’t in trouble with the landlord. Cops would just show up and tell them to be quiet bc of noise complaint right?”

“As a young mother myself who is mature enough to be respectful to neighbors I’m 23 definitely talk to your landlord or make a noise complaint with the police that’s not fair to your children at all or you guys!”

“Every speaker my family owned would go against the walls blaring the most annoying music hell opera would be going yodling would be happening techno you name it.”

“I’m 23 with a young child. I’m mature enough to realize that I need to be respectful to neighbours. I would call the police and let the landlord know that they are having parties every weekend and it’s keeping the whole street up will at least 3 am. When you move out of home and chose to be a grown-up then you have to follow the adult rule and show responsibility.”

“I would inform the landlord first. Try your best to always document your interactions with them (best would be video. Put your phone to record and place it in a breast pocket). The police are for emergencies. They don’t need to be involved.”

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