120+ Magic Baby Names for Parents Looking for Enchanting Options

Making a baby is a form of magic in and of itself that might have you wanting an enchanted appellation for your little miracle. Magic baby names for girls and boys are simply amazing. These names might contain whimsical meanings or have clear associations with magical figures from myth, legend, literature, and beyond. Luckily, there’s no shortage of source material to draw inspiration from!

We wanted to curate a list of magic baby names for parents who want to bestow some charm. These names range from popular to rare, but each one will sound fresh and timeless for babies born today. We’ve sorted the names alphabetically, and you will find magic baby names for girls, boys, and gender-neutral options as well. Let’s discover some baby appellations that cast a spell!

Magic Baby Names That Start with A

Magic Baby Names
  • Aubrette – A German name, meaning “elf”
  • Avery – From Old English, meaning “ruler of the elves”  
  • Aelfdene – An English name, Meaning “from the Elf valley”
  • Aine – From Irish, meaning “queen of fairies”
  • Alette – From Latin origins, meaning “small winged one”
  • Ashera – A goddess of fertility and motherhood in the Hebrew tradition
  • Asia – Meaning “Sunrise,” from Greek mythology

Magic Baby Names That Start with B

Magic Baby Names
  • Brucie – Meaning “forest fairy,” from the Scottish tradition 
  • Blossom – An English flower name 
  • Briar – An English name, meaning “thorn” 
  • Brigid – From Celtic origin, a goddess of wisdom, meaning “strength”
  • Breena – From Gaelic, meaning “land of fairies”

Magic Baby Names That Start with C

Magic Baby Names
  • Calypso – A sea nymph in Greek mythology, meaning “hidden one” 
  • Carlin – A unisex Irish name meaning “little champion,” also associated with hills where witches and fairies gather 
  • Ceilidh – From Irish tradition, pronounced like Kaylee, meaning “dance gathering” 
  • Chepi – Chepi is a ghost or fairy in the mythology of the Narragansett tribe of Native Americans 
  • Cordelia – From Latin and Celtic origins, meaning “daughter of the sea”

Magic Baby Names That Start with D

Magic Baby Names
  • Dana – An Irish mother goddess, meaning “good” 
  • Delicia – A Latin name, meaning “delightful” 
  • Dela – Related to Delicia, meaning “small winged one
  • Derya – A unisex Turkish name, related to the Persian name, Daria, both meaning “sea” 
  • Diantha – From Greek mythology, meaning “divine flower” and “flower of Zeus”

Magic Baby Names That Start with E

Magic Baby Names
  • Elfie– An Irish name that means “elf power”
  • Elida – An Irish name meaning “fairy,” also found in Greek, meaning “gift of the sun” 
  • Elvina – From English, meaning “friendly elf” 
  • Elvinia – From English, meaning “elf friend” or “elf queen” 
  • Elowen – From Cornish tradition, meaning “elm”

Magic Baby Names That Start with F

Magic Baby Names
  • Fay – Meaning “fairy,” from Old English.
  • Fayette– From French, meaning “little fairy” 
  • Freya – From Old Norse, meaning “noblewoman” 
  • Firtha – A Scottish name, meaning “sea maiden”
  • Fern – From English, meaning “fern” or someone who lives among the ferns

Magic Baby Names That Start with G

Magic Baby Names
  • Gelsey – A Persian name, meaning “flower” 
  • Gulliver – An Irish name, meaning “glutton” 
  • Gullveig – From Old Norse, meaning “gold-drunk,” a name of a mythical witch
  • Glenda – A Welsh name, meaning “fair and good” 
  • Griselda – A German name, meaning “grey battle”

Magic Baby Names That Start with H

Magic Baby Names
  • Hai – Meaning “fairy shoe,” from Vietnamese
  • Hyacinth – A unisex Greek flower name referring to the flower or meaning “precious stone,” in mythology, the name belonged to a young Spartan whose spilled blood caused flowers to grow 
  • Hansel – A name for boys, a form of Hans, meaning “God is gracious” 
  • Hildi – A Norse name, meaning “armed for battle,” referring to one of the Valkyries
  • Holly – An English nature name, meaning “holy day”

Magic Baby Names That Start with I

Magic Baby Names
  • Ilayda – Meaning “water fairy,” from Turkish (one of our favorite magic baby names)
  • Ione – A Greek sea nymph (Nereids), meaning “a violet stone” 
  • Iolanthe – Another Greek name, this one meaning “violet flower” 
  • Ianeira – Another Greek name, meaning “sea deity” 
  • Ivy – An English nature name, meaning “vine” and “fidelity”

Magic Baby Names That Start with K

Magic Baby Names
  • Kelpie – From Gaelic lore, a shape-shifting aquatic being, meaning “colt” 
  • Klabautermann – From Baltic mythology, a being that assisted sailors and fishermen on the Baltic Sea 
  • Kali – From Sanskrit, meaning “black one,” a Hindu goddess of destruction
  • Kalliope – Meaning “beautiful voice,” the music of epic, Greek poetry 
  • Kerensa – A Cornish name, meaning “love” 

Magic Baby Names That Start with L

Magic Baby Names
  • Lanette – Meaning “a small songbird” and “nymph,” with Welsh origins
  • Lara – Meaning “citadel,” a name to a nymph in Ovid’s Fasti  
  • Linette – From Welsh tradition and Arthurian legend, meaning “idol” and “image” 
  • Laila – From Arabic, meaning “night,” an angel 
  • Leucothea – A Greek sea goddess who came to the aid of sailors, meaning “Of the Ionian Sea” 
  • Lily – An English flower name, meaning “pure”

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Magic Baby Names That Start with M

Magic Baby Names
  • Meriol – An Irish name, belonging to a nymph, meaning “of the bright sea”
  • Melusine – From French folklore, a legendary magical being associated with water, meaning “strong in work” 
  • Morgan – A Welsh name associated with Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend, meaning “sea-born” and “sea-circle” 
  • Marigold – An English name, meaning “golden flower” 
  • Maurelle – A French name, meaning “dark” and “elfin” 
  • Muirenn – An Irish name of a mermaid, meaning “born of the sea”

Magic Baby Names That Start with N

Magic Baby Names
  • Naida – Meaning “water nymph,” occurring in both Arabic and Greek traditions
  • Nissa – A Scandinavian name, meaning “elfin” and “fairy” 
  • Nerida – A Greek name meaning “sea nymph” (related to Naida), and “mermaid”
  • Nyx – Another name from Greek, meaning “night” and referring to a goddess of the night likened to a shadow
  • Navi – A Hebrew name, meaning “to name,” a biblical class of prophets 
  • Nixie – A German name, meaning “water nymph”

Magic Baby Names That Start with O

Magic Baby Names
  • Ondine – A Latin name, meaning “little wave,” a mythical spirit of the waters (one of our favorite magic baby names)
  • Olette – Another Latin name, meaning “small winged one” 
  • Oberon – A unisex English name, king of the Faries in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Oona – An Irish name, meaning “lamb” 
  • Odiane – An English name, meaning “elfin spear”

Magic Baby Names That Start with P

Magic Baby Names
  • Pari – A Persian/Iranian name, meaning “fairy” 
  • Parisa – Related to Pari, meaning “fairy-like” 
  • Pixie – To the Swedish and Cornish, this name means “fairy”
  • Puck – A mischievous pixie created by Shakespeare
  • Pan – A legendary European fairy figure with the legs of a goat and body of a man, likes to play the pipes, meaning “all”
  • Posey – An English name, meaning “bouquet of flowers”

Magic Baby Names That Start with R

Magic Baby Names
  • Rosemary – A Latin name, meaning “sea dew” 
  • Radella – An English name, meaning “elfin advisor” 
  • Rusalka – Name to a woodland sprite, the Slavic equivalent of the Little Mermaid 
  • Rhiannon – A Welsh name, from Celtic legend, meaning “divine queen” 
  • Rhoswen – Another name from Welsh tradition, meaning “white rose” 
  • Rosalia – From Spain and Italy, refers to the Roman tradition of hanging roses on coffins, meaning “rose”
  • Rue – A Latin botanical name, also a word-name, meaning “regret”

Magic Baby Names That Start with S

Magic Baby Names
  • Sebille – From the Legend of King Arthur, a fairy, meaning “prophetess” 
  • Shayla – From Sanskrit/Hindu origins, meaning “fairy place” 
  • Siofra – From Irish Gaelic myth, meaning “a sprite” or  “a changeling” 
  • Sabrina – A legendary Celtic goddess, meaning “from the River Severn” 
  • Sindri – A name from Norse tradition, meaning “mythical dwarf” (one of our favorite magic baby names)
  • Sereia – A Portuguese name, meaning “mermaid”

Magic Baby Names That Start with T

Magic Baby Names
  • Tiana – Meaning “fairy queen,” from Slavic origins
  • Tanya – A Russian diminutive form of Tiana, also meaning “fairy queen” 
  • Titania – A fairy from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Greek name meaning “giant” 
  • Triton – A Greek mythological name, meaning “merman” 
  • Tryamon – From Arthurian Legend, meaning “fairy princess”
  • Tunder – From Hungarian origin, meaning “fairy”

Magic Baby Names That Start with U

Magic Baby Names
  • Ulrike – From German, meaning “mistress of all” 
  • Ula – A Celtic name, meaning “gem of the sea” 
  • Uira – From Arabic, meaning “water lady” 
  • Ulka – From German origin, meaning “power of the wolf” 
  • Ursule – A Scandinavian form of Ursula, meaning “little she-bear”

Magic Baby Names That Start with V

Magic Baby Names
  • Venus – A Roman goddess of romance and beauty, meaning “mother of Rome” 
  • Vernise – A Latin name, meaning “spring” 
  • Velika – A Slavic name, meaning “wondrous” 
  • Venish – Meaning “butterfly,” from Greek 
  • Vesta – Meaning “pure,” the Roman goddess of the hearth and household

Magic Baby Names That Start with W

Magic Baby Names
  • Win – From Old English, meaning “fairy” and “fair” 
  • Willow – An English botanical name, meaning “willow tree” 
  • Winnie – A Welsh name, from Winnifred, meaning “fair” and “peacemaker” 
  • Wilda – From Old English by way of Old German, meaning “untamed” 
  • Wednesday – From Old English, Norse, and Germanic mythology, meaning “Woden’s Day”

Magic Baby Names That Start with X or Y

Magic Baby Names
  • Xantho – From Greek mythology, a sea nymph, meaning “golden one”
  • Xyla – Another Greek name, meaning “dweller in the woods”
  • Xeni – From Guatemalan origin, meaning “protector of flowers” and “welcoming”
  • Yolie – From Spanish, meaning “a violet flower”

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Magic Baby Names That Start with Z

Magic Baby Names
  • Zephyr – A unisex name, from Greek, meaning “west wind” and associated with the God of westerly breezes
  • Zahra – From Arabic, meaning “white flower”
  • Zillah – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “shadow”
  • Zylvia – From Latin, sharing the same root as Sylvia, Silvanus, a Roman deity of the woods, thus, the name means “from the forest”

Did any of these magic baby names charm you? We hope you found them as exciting and unique as we did. For more magic baby names, keep reading!

Magic Baby Names for Girls


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Sebille is a name from Arthurian legend who is a fairy. The name is a form of Sybil (which is also a great option) that has a Greek origin and means “prophetess.” In Ancient Greece, “Sybil” was a generic term for a female prophet who could interpret the wishes of mythic deities through oracles.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Tiana is a mildly popular name today. It is of Slavic origin and means “fairy queen.” The name got a boost after it was chosen for Disney’s first Black princess. It’s one of the magical names that feels subtle yet charming.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Pari is a name of Persian/Iranian origin that means “fairy.” In Persian mythology, Pari (also spelled Peri) are exquisite, winged spirits renowned for their beauty. They are mischievous creatures who are atoning for past deeds before they gain entry to paradise.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Naida holds the meaning, “water nymph,” and it occurs in both Arabic and Greek traditions. This name could prove a perfect option for babies born under a water sign like Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Lanette has roots in Welsh and is related to the name Eluned (also totally doable). She was the handmaiden of the Lady of the Fountain in Welsh Arthurian romance, who possessed a magic ring that made the wearer invisible. 


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

A Greek sea nymph (Nereids) in mythology, Ione holds the meaning “a violet stone.” The name was once popular in the US before falling out of fashion in the 1940s. We’d love for this vintage treasure of a name to make a return.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Dianthe is an appellation from Greek mythology that means “divine flower” or “flower of Zeus.” If you’re after a subtle flower name with a touch of magic, Dianthe could be a perfect option. It’s also an excellent alternative to its cousin-name, Diana.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Circe is a Greek name that means “bird.” In ancient Greek myth, Circe is the child of Helios, a sun god. She is a sorceress dwelling on the island of Aeaea and was infamous for turning men into animals. Circe is pronounced sur-se and is a beautiful and unique name.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Elysia is a name of Latin origin that means “from Elysium.” Elysium was considered a home of the blessed after death, the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the pure of heart. Essentially, this magical name means “from paradise.”


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

The sorcerer Merlin’s (put a pin in this name) wife of Arthurian legend was named Gwendolyn. It’s an absolutely brilliant name! Gwendolyn is of Welsh origin and means “white ring.” The name is gaining traction again after falling from fashion in the 1970s. We’re here for the “Gwen-aissance.”


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

From Jewish folklore, Lilith is a female demon and the first wife of Adam. The name also appears in Assyrian and Sumerian lore. The appellation, Lilith means “night monster” or “ghost.” With a meaning like that, it’s no wonder the name appears over and over again in fictional works. Once considered a name too creepy to touch, Lilith has been growing in popularity in the US since the 2010s.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

One of our very favorite magical names, Celestia is an improvement on the old favorite Celeste. It somehow sounds more magical thanks to that -tia ending. The Latin root of the name means “heavenly.”


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Maia is of Greek origin and means “mother.” In mythology, Maia was the fair-haired daughter of Atlas, who became the mother of Zeus’s son, Hermes. In ancient Rome, Maia represented the earth-mother and the goddess of spring.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Another name from Greek mythology, Calliope is a muse who presided over epic poetry and eloquence. Not bad! Thanks to the myth, Calliope means “beautiful voice.” It’s one of the magical names that’s finally taken hold in recent years as it is more popular today in the US than ever before.

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magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Alisa is a Scottish name that means “elf victory.” If you’re searching for a winning name for your daughter, Alisa has a touch of whimsy without being over the top. The name was hugely popular in the 1960s but it has fallen out of favor in recent years. The appellation can also be found in Hebrew tradition, meaning “great happiness.”

Magic Baby Names for Boys


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

We kick off magical names for boys with an option that’s actually unisex. Zephyr comes from Greek mythology, a god of the westerly winds. Thus, the name means “west wind.” The name has never appeared in the baby name popularity charts but we expect that to change in the next year or two as this appellation is gaining serious traction among new parents.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Argus is a name found in Greek mythology. The appellation names a creature with 100 eyes. Thus, the name means “watchful guardian.” It’s one of the magical names for boys that has never been popular in the US.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Credit to Shakespeare’s Tempest, for making Prospero an appellation that lives on today. The character is a magical sorcerer in the play. The name is the Latinate form of Prosper and means “succeed.” Prospero is one of the magical names from this list that feels like it would work out splendidly for your winning son.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Gwydion, in the Welsh Mabinogion (the earliest British prose stories), is the son of the goddess Dôn. He was considered a master of magic arts and poetry. He’s a somewhat dubious character but don’t let that stop you. Gwydion comes from Welsh origin and means “of the trees.”


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Blaise is a French surname-name from Latin, that means “lisping.” Blaise belonged to an early Christian martyr and renowned warlock. In Arthurian legend, Blaise is the name of Merlin’s secretary. With Blaze on the rise, Blaise could be a great alternative.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Dylan, in Welsh mythology, is a legendary sea god who made the seas between England and Ireland weep when he passed away. The fabulous name that’s fitting for both boys and girls, means “son of the sea.”


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Easton is an English name and its meaning is well disputed. While most have landed on its definition as “from the east-facing place,” others think its origin is much older. So old in fact, that it’s considered Old English and translates to “magical power.” While the name has been favored for boys, parents have begun naming daughters Easton as well. We think Easton works as an attractive gender-neutral option.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

One of the old-fashioned, magical names that’s staged a comeback in recent years, Ambrose is of Latin origin and means “immortal.” It shares the same root as ambrosia, the food of the gods, that is believed to bring immortality.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Oberon is the English form of the French appellation, Auberon. The name has several possible meanings including “noble,” “bearlike,” and “elf king.” The name appears in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where it belongs to the king of the fairies.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

The origin of the name Caspian is disputed. It is considered Iranian in origin by some. Still, others believe it was a name coined by the ancient Romans to describe people from the Caucasus. Depending on how you slice it, this name can mean “fair,” or “white,” or “salt sea.”


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Draco can be traced to both Greek and Latin origins as a name that means “dragon.” It’s one of the magical names on this list that is trending thanks to the Harry Potter franchise. The name has yet to crack the US top-1000 names but we expect that to change in the coming years.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

Arthur belongs to the legendary King and leader of the Nights of the Round Table. The storied name is of Celtic origin and means “bear.” The name has been in the US top-500 names for boys since record-keeping began in the 1880s. It’s one of the most popular magical names on this list.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

In Irish mythology, Finn MacCool is a dauntless warrior who possessed supernatural powers. The figure is notable for his wisdom and kindness. This storied Irish name means “fair.” It’s had a “fair” amount of favor in recent years. Since 2000, the name has been on the rise in the US and more popular than ever before.


magical names for miraculous girls & boys

The English name Alvin means “friend of the elves.” While the name hasn’t really taken off in the US (save for the Chipmunks) the appellation is widely used in Europe. The name has a magical ring to it and we think it would be a unique choice for a baby boy. It’s one of the magical names you likely did not know had a mystical meaning.

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magical names for miraculous girls & boys

The most famed wizard of Arthurian legend, Merlin is of Welsh origin and means “from the sea fortress.” The name was once widely used in the US for baby boys but it fell from fashion in the 1970s. It’s one of the magical names that’s fallen out of fashion that could be totally fresh today.

There you are! We hope you fell in love with some of these magical names for girls and boys. Magical ties and magical meanings make these enchanted names all the more special. If you want a name that’s got a touch of whimsy, go with one of the excellent options on this list. Happy baby name hunting!

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